Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Lady In The House

Well I have a new lady for show and tell today. I don't have her dressed yet, I do have a pink formal in mind to dress her up in. I will have to get my studio cleaned up and reorganized again before I can even get  her dressed also her sister mannequin. I just have pearls on Sally Stitch that is the paper label name on my first dress form. I will see if there is a picture of her in the storage room she is in. if I can't find a picture today I will get one after I get things back to where they were before I had my room water proofed. The work men left yesterday. All that is left is dust, dirt, and a terrible mess.                                                                     

She is going to look so pretty all dressed up in her pink lacy formal.I will post pictures after I get her dressed also of Sally Stitch. I am going to look around in my storage  room pictures now.

Yes there is Sally , see her with all the pearls hanging around her neck. For you ladies that didn't know why this is such a mess I have been having my studio room water proofed. When it rained I had water in that room. I couldn't let my treasures get wet , and I was really tired of the wet vac.

I sure hope I can get everything back in place like I had it before. It was cluttered but I knew where every thing was.     

Another picture of my pin cushion lady that I posted on my last post , she was sitting on my desk at the time with pictures of my pug Ollie. Also my new organizer   I got at Target.                                                                              

        This picture is Sally Stitch when I was moving things into the storage room I have . In all the clutter around her , try not to look at that.
Let me see what other pictures I can find for today. I like to read blogs with lots of pictures.         

                                                                    I miss playing with all my beads.
                      This is a picture of some of my old compacts & carry alls.
 This is an old velvet picture album, it fell off this bottom shelf when i was moving things. I bought it to use in an altered art project I have in mind.
well I hope you all aren't to bored with all these different things I posted today. I am still working on painting a few things also.                                                                 


  1. I love all the little treasures in your studio. I keep going back and looking closer and saying oh I like that lol. The dress form looks awesome too!!


  2. Your new lady in the house will be fun to change out all the time!!!

  3. wow, so much stuff you have, what fun
    hug Jeanette

  4. Love your new lady. I have seen them in gardens with roses growing up the dress but never with a pole to actually dress her. I can't wait to see her when she is done")
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  5. Oh, she's a pretty one and has truly kept her figure! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. I love looking at someone else's STUFF....makes me feel like a piker!! (O:(O:(O:

    Thanks for sharing


  7. How much fun to re-organize all those wonderful treasures - I could have some FUN in that room for sure!

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