Sunday, September 12, 2010

Flower frogs from long ago

These are two small wire flower frogs a friend brought me back from Minnesota on one of her trips.
I had forgot I had an old tin pan full, so dug them out to show you all.

These are all my small metal ones, you sure don't want to pick them up from the top, those things goes in your fingers and you will surely bleed.

I like these and the glass ones a whole lot better. I can see where florist would want to use the spike ones but like I said they sure can tear your little fingers up in a hurry.

                              This picture doesn't look right to me. I think it needs turned around.
I gave one sister a carnival glass flower frog a few years ago . It matched her dishes she was collecting. Iris & herringbone       

      I lined them up like a cho cho  train. LOL               

This large white platter I have my flower frogs all going around on is 22 inches across. I think it's the largest old platter I have ever bought. Love it.  



I really like these old packets of sewing needles different business use to give away. I have a lot of them in a drawer and thought they looked good stuck in the dangerous flower frogs.
These are really pretty the color of the packets etc. I was just reading the blog Whimages she has some old flower frogs also. One is just to great the curly one.
Now how do i post her name then the web address without it showing? I'll get it eventually

Ok one more then off to bed  it has been a long week for me. A girl needs more beauty sleep than I have got this week.