Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Day 1-1-2011

Well can you believe it's here New Year's Eve? Now new Year's Day

 Where has this wonderful fun filled year gone? Well it's been all around Missouri, Oregon, Georgia & Florida for me. Every antique mall I could get the car to stop at. I had such a great year and looking forward to the New Year my first stop will be Oregon at the Expo Show In Portland in March and visit family in Portland Oregon.

In the mean time I am having a piece of this fabulous looking raspberry filled cake and a glass of champagne.

Here's to us all


Monday, December 27, 2010

Strawberries In The Snow

I have some nail polish named Berries in The Snow by Revlon and I love it. I use it for pedicures only because nail polish does not stay on but the day I get a manicure because I am always doing manual labor you know what I mean playing with treasures and housework.

Anyway today I wanted to play in the snow and it was lunchtime I thought strawberries sound good and one thing led to another so I had strawberries in the snow while the sun was still out . I believe it was in the teens this morning and Friday we are to get up to 50 degrees.


I had my dishes setting on my patio table the entire top of course is covered in snow. I bought these dishes at Tuesday Morning last year when they had a 1/2 price sale on the set. It is named Strawberry Fair by portmeirion. Love them. I had first seen them at a local gift shop about 3 years ago.

          Hope everybody is having a nice second day after the Christmas holiday . I went back to Target today to buy some christmas cards I seen some that were really cute. I went yesterday also and there was not very many people at all. Well today it was a different story, lots of people crying babies, shoving carts, yelling at little kids not staying with Mommy the usual sounds about target. I was right there with them.                                                      

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day After

I am sure everyone had a great day with their families I did. I ate and ate then had dessert then ate again. Now I need to start the cut back same old story every January I do the same thing. I am off to some 1/2 off sales

  We had a wonderful Christmas Sissy and I
 Nous avons eu un merveilleux Noël et je Sissy                                                        

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas To You And Yours December 25 2010

Today is Jesus Birthday


     Merry Christmas everybody I hope you have a fun and safe day

Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Snowing and I love It/ Christmas Eve

Sissy and I just had to go outside and take some pictures of the snow. We don't have but maybe 5 inches but it is beautiful.

It's Christmas Eve also and that is beautiful.

The gold mesh bow on the sled is covered with snow
This is the tree the goose is under

This is the wreath on my garden shed door

My old Goose under the bird feeder the tree protects him from a lot of snow
My Christmas  Tree from outside looking in
           My outdoor chandelier in the snow   
My flower bed looking across my back yard
     Hope you enjoy the snow as much as me


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Vintage Santa Molds

I have always loved Santa like so many other people in the world, but when I got older and could shop on my own and then got the vintage bug I went crazy over vintage Santa molds. I Found out that many are in the hundreds of dollars also.

I found this large one at a yard sale for $3.00 and it was in the original box and I THREW the box away!!!!!!!I know your not suppose to do that NOW.Oh well I still have Santa and he isn't going to another home . He is about 13 inches tall

   The next one is about the same height however he was new when I bought him anyway he was in a German bake shop and I kept the box
This small one I bought at an auction In Glasgow Missouri a small river town and was the best auction I ever went to it's the one I told about once my friend Betty went with me and I bought so much couldn't hardly get it all in my little Nissan car. I had Betty get in and I packed items all around her under her feet etc.LOL

I bought this Christmas Tree candy mold just last summer at an antique booth and paid $22.00 for it which was a very good price I thought
     Here is my silver candle sticks a lady I work with gave me. She was decluttering her house and wanted to know if I would want them because she never used them . Oh course I said yes because I am trying to clutter my house with vintage silver LOL

I have very short candles in these tall candlesticks and like that look.
      Now did you see Oprah's last shows where she was giving away all her favorite things? Well she gave away HOPE in a jar with her little baby picture on the box top , I got one for a present from a friend!!!!I was so happy                                                                            
     I guess I was just happy to get it because Oprah  thinks it's great stuff and gave it away to hundred's of women.                 

I am ready for Christmas have all my shopping done and my parties are over which I am sad about wish I could have one more party at my house since it is decorated and I have plenty of goodies for another party. We are suppose to have freezing rain and snow for Christmas Eve and I was to be traveling to a town not a long ways away however don't want to get iced in and can't get home. Sissy would be lonesome.

My bathroom tree also I forgot to mention my bear candy mold on the tray above with the other molds
                  Look over at Faded Charms                    for some pretty posts, It's White Wednesday

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mom's Mr & Mrs

 These were my Mom's, Mr & Mrs Santa Clause sugar and creamer she bought them from her Avon lady and I begged her out of them because they were so cute. I am so glad I have them . I even kept the box which I use to not be good at.

                        Mrs Clause's head is the sugar cover

We all have such good memories of years gone by. When I discovered these at my Mom's house of course Avon didn't make them any longer and that is why I ask for them.

I just love all the charms you see at girly flea markets like the Sally Jean ones. I have a few and bought me a Santa for this year I also hung a vintage Monet white Santa on one of my chains.


                            I like the fancy script J
             I just love this heart it has the pattern of my stafforshire dishes

This little snowman can you see it? well it is by Monet and I knew the lady who said she bought it in 1971
       This little silver napkin ring holder is one I bought a few years ago and was going to collect several well after pricing them at different antique shops , well that put  an end to collecting them. This is when I first started collecting and they were very pricey I really don't see them around any longer. But I enjoy this one Its a little boy and his dog                                                                                                                                                

These pretty stick pins or hat pins I guess are just from different boxes I have bought at auctions they are standing in a glass

         This glass cake plate all of the items are on was my Mother's she collected cake plates also. My sisters each have a few of hers also. I spent the day yesterday with my sisters and we had a good time. Well 1/2 day . I keep telling them we need to go to Kansas City shopping and stay on the Plaza overnight. Just can't get our schedules together. I guess everybody is like that.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Grandma's Vintage Christmas Pins of Past

My Grandmother always wore Christmas pins on her coats and jackets this time of year. I have two of her special ones. The reindeer pin was my favorite however the pin with a little bell I remember her wearing when I was a child. They were in her jewelery box and of course I have her jewelry box and still go through it and remember her wearing certain pieces. I think I am going to wear it then realize if I lost it i would just die so I leave them on display this time of year. Here is Grandma Ruby Baker


   This is the pin she wore every day now that I think about it and her reindeer was for dress up. She was the lady who run the donut and coffee shop at one of the hospitals. All they had was donuts and coffee and then you went to the cafeteria for lunch. I can remember coming to town to visit her and would go straight to her work place to surprise her.

Click on these pictures to make them larger. I learned that on other blogs and I love making the pictures larger to see more details

I started collecting Christmas pins because I was always finding them at sales

This is my Great Aunt Ollie's ( Grandma's Sister)westmoreland dish she gave me once when I visited her. In her last years she worked at an antique gift shop at a Hotel  in the town where she lived. She had lots of old dishes and linens. I have a black silk table scarf she called it. It has about 8 inch fringe hanging from it. I need to go look at it again but I think it's a gold color embroidery on it. I have it hanging downstairs on my old black iron bed.

                       This is my favorite that I have found

Here is a hallmark ornament I bought Grandma one year because she was doing some embroidery work



     I think these little angels are so sweet I just got them in a box at an auction once they were a surprise because they are not what I was bidding on . Found treasures                                                      

    Grandma's old wooden jewelry box.

There has been a few other blogs having remembrance of their Mothers and Grandmothers some of them made me cry and others said it made them cry also. This year I am not crying about my Grandparents and Mother I am just remembering our happy times together at Christmas. I know my Grandmother never could teach me to make her wonderful divinity candy. She always put black walnuts in hers and I could eat the entire dish.           


This is a very old picture my sister gave me she has it in a newer frame. A lady she use to work with had an old scarp book of her grandmothers filled with old Santa's and she gave Liz my sister a few and then I got one for Christmas one year.                                                                         
        •We cannot all do great things but we can all do small things with great love. Mother Theresa

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