Monday, December 27, 2010

Strawberries In The Snow

I have some nail polish named Berries in The Snow by Revlon and I love it. I use it for pedicures only because nail polish does not stay on but the day I get a manicure because I am always doing manual labor you know what I mean playing with treasures and housework.

Anyway today I wanted to play in the snow and it was lunchtime I thought strawberries sound good and one thing led to another so I had strawberries in the snow while the sun was still out . I believe it was in the teens this morning and Friday we are to get up to 50 degrees.


I had my dishes setting on my patio table the entire top of course is covered in snow. I bought these dishes at Tuesday Morning last year when they had a 1/2 price sale on the set. It is named Strawberry Fair by portmeirion. Love them. I had first seen them at a local gift shop about 3 years ago.

          Hope everybody is having a nice second day after the Christmas holiday . I went back to Target today to buy some christmas cards I seen some that were really cute. I went yesterday also and there was not very many people at all. Well today it was a different story, lots of people crying babies, shoving carts, yelling at little kids not staying with Mommy the usual sounds about target. I was right there with them.                                                      


  1. Interesting combo, but lovely. I hope you have had a sweet day!

  2. Berries in the snow sounds and looks lovely. Our snow is melting fast this morning. xx

  3. Your strawberry dishes are lovely and delightful. How fun to have them in the beautiful background of snow.

  4. Your strawberry dishes are really pretty. I love how you set everything up outside in the snow, very cute.

  5. LOL! Playing with dishes and strawberries in the snow sounds a bunch more fun than braving Target. Yikes! Hope you got what you needed though. Thanks for stopping by for a visit.


  6. What a beautiful vignette you put together there! You were very brave to hit the stores after Christmas. I've tried to be strong and stay away from them. I have something that needs to be returned, but I'll wait a few more weeks, until the craziness dies down!
    Happy REDnesday and Happy New Year!

  7. Oh how sweet....since I am a big Alice fan, a tea party with strawberries.... and in the snow sounds so very wonderlandish.....oh to be a child again! I so enjoy my visits to your blog!
    Have a Wonderful New Year!!

  8. Your straberries look delicious hehe.
    Happy New Year, a blessed year ahead!