Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Vintage Santa Molds

I have always loved Santa like so many other people in the world, but when I got older and could shop on my own and then got the vintage bug I went crazy over vintage Santa molds. I Found out that many are in the hundreds of dollars also.

I found this large one at a yard sale for $3.00 and it was in the original box and I THREW the box away!!!!!!!I know your not suppose to do that NOW.Oh well I still have Santa and he isn't going to another home . He is about 13 inches tall

   The next one is about the same height however he was new when I bought him anyway he was in a German bake shop and I kept the box
This small one I bought at an auction In Glasgow Missouri a small river town and was the best auction I ever went to it's the one I told about once my friend Betty went with me and I bought so much couldn't hardly get it all in my little Nissan car. I had Betty get in and I packed items all around her under her feet etc.LOL

I bought this Christmas Tree candy mold just last summer at an antique booth and paid $22.00 for it which was a very good price I thought
     Here is my silver candle sticks a lady I work with gave me. She was decluttering her house and wanted to know if I would want them because she never used them . Oh course I said yes because I am trying to clutter my house with vintage silver LOL

I have very short candles in these tall candlesticks and like that look.
      Now did you see Oprah's last shows where she was giving away all her favorite things? Well she gave away HOPE in a jar with her little baby picture on the box top , I got one for a present from a friend!!!!I was so happy                                                                            
     I guess I was just happy to get it because Oprah  thinks it's great stuff and gave it away to hundred's of women.                 

I am ready for Christmas have all my shopping done and my parties are over which I am sad about wish I could have one more party at my house since it is decorated and I have plenty of goodies for another party. We are suppose to have freezing rain and snow for Christmas Eve and I was to be traveling to a town not a long ways away however don't want to get iced in and can't get home. Sissy would be lonesome.

My bathroom tree also I forgot to mention my bear candy mold on the tray above with the other molds
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  1. Beautiful things and your comment on TRYING to clutter your house cracked me up. At least you are accepting it while the rest of us still claim to be trying to de-clutter - LOL!

  2. i just love your little Santa molds, they are just adorable!!!

  3. Hi: I want to thank you for asking about how I am doing. I do live in La Crescenta, the burn area of California. My home is fine and so is our family. I love your vintage Santas. Your blog is so beautiful. I look forward to getting to know you better this coming year. May God richly bless you. Martha

  4. Cool moulds! My grandmother used to make icecream in something similar :-)

    God jul/Happy Christmas!