Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mom's Mr & Mrs

 These were my Mom's, Mr & Mrs Santa Clause sugar and creamer she bought them from her Avon lady and I begged her out of them because they were so cute. I am so glad I have them . I even kept the box which I use to not be good at.

                        Mrs Clause's head is the sugar cover

We all have such good memories of years gone by. When I discovered these at my Mom's house of course Avon didn't make them any longer and that is why I ask for them.

I just love all the charms you see at girly flea markets like the Sally Jean ones. I have a few and bought me a Santa for this year I also hung a vintage Monet white Santa on one of my chains.


                            I like the fancy script J
             I just love this heart it has the pattern of my stafforshire dishes

This little snowman can you see it? well it is by Monet and I knew the lady who said she bought it in 1971
       This little silver napkin ring holder is one I bought a few years ago and was going to collect several well after pricing them at different antique shops , well that put  an end to collecting them. This is when I first started collecting and they were very pricey I really don't see them around any longer. But I enjoy this one Its a little boy and his dog                                                                                                                                                

These pretty stick pins or hat pins I guess are just from different boxes I have bought at auctions they are standing in a glass

         This glass cake plate all of the items are on was my Mother's she collected cake plates also. My sisters each have a few of hers also. I spent the day yesterday with my sisters and we had a good time. Well 1/2 day . I keep telling them we need to go to Kansas City shopping and stay on the Plaza overnight. Just can't get our schedules together. I guess everybody is like that.


  1. Lots of pretty trinkets and the stick pins!

  2. So cute and Avon use to sell some adorable things. I also have a collection of Christmas pins that were my Moms and my Aunts. I wear a different one every day this time of year. Merry Christmas.