Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Resale Shopping


Silver Plated Teapot & Tray

I just love to go to a good resale shop and there is only one great one here in my little city.
I just stop in once in a while.
I have always loved silver and silver plated items
mostly I like large trays 

I couldn't pass up this goose neck teapot for $8. I will just set it on this gorgeous silver plated tray. The tray has stamp Sheffield England on bottom I gave $25 for it.I have always liked silver.

Also since I haven't blogged in a while I can't seem to maneuver around. things have changed. So when you see an error just read on.

I have little bit snow today only suppose to be up to 3 inches, so I'm staying in and hope to get some enthusiasm to make a couple things in the studio while waiting on laundry to finish   

Friday, January 8, 2021

Need some Enthusiasm

 Hi again

I'm slowly getting to rearrange things around my house thinking that will inspire me to keep things picked up after myself.

Since all this staying at home I just let it go, if you know what I mean? I never have been the prefect house cleaner.

I have two of the long boxes you see setting on my black chest which sets right inside of my front door. Other one is over my desk where my computer is  and full of old family pictures. I had my large 1880's  crystal candelabras setting here previously.

Now in this room is where I work on my etsy shop and I have boxes setting under my chests and settees so I don't have to go downstairs to look for items as I sell them.

Most people wouldn't dare show their messes, Am I right? This is my favorite room in my house.

Well leaving now to look at other blogs.

Keep in touch 


I'm joining  in a party over at Common ground 

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

2021 ?

 Well I'm going to try and have time to blog again and read all yours blogs again this year.

I did go through boxes and boxes of family pictures and mail them out to several family members who I thought would want the pictures, while home alone LOL in 2020

I took 3 trunk loads of clothing to a donation center and have another load to take. Now if I can just part with some sets and odd dishes my house will be little less packed? however a gal loves her dishes? right? 

Also I feel I have to many pieces of furniture in my house( just sharing my own thoughts)

My cat died in September and I'm trying to decide on another cat or a small lap dog? I would like both.

I want a calico cat or a King Charles Spaniel or both I think? 

Well i'm putting away a few things today and still throwing items in a box to haul away so must carryon. I just wanted to say hi and see if I still remember how to do a blog.

Sincerely Janice