Friday, May 1, 2020

Yard Art

I have been enjoying being home really and have got things done I usually wouldn't. My flower beds are just little empty now until we get some good hot sun on it.I do have bulbs planted. Also I did have tulips bloom earlier which was beautiful.

This dolphin/ sea fish fountain I got last fall at an outdoor flea market for $5. and I hung it on my wood fence close to my patio however don't have an electrical outlet to use for the motor  part. I just like it hanging there.

Things are opening up here in central Missouri however I'm staying in a little longer since I'm a senior with health risks etc. I know the young people are already out like fleas out and about.

I drove to post office to drop a letter off and passing home a resale shop was already open and 4 cars sitting outside! Some people aren't concerned about getting Covid-19 virus. 

I have been going for walks in my neighborhood, yesterday I walked over a mile. Hope you are all doing great.

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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Home Girl

I guess all of us gals are home girls and the men home guys.
I have been entertaining  myself just fine.
I have been going through lots my table top decorating books.

Made me a mask out of my blue toile material.
Baking way to much however I have gave lots of it to one neighbor.

Anyone who knows me knows this is my favorite material. 
I would love to have a pantsuit made out of this.
Just saying LOL 

Below is a large comforter in my guess bedroom where no guest allowed now LOL 
I purchased it from a dear friend estate who passed away last year 

This sweet little gal hangs in my guest room also 

I only have my phone to take pictures with so she isn't as clear as I would like.

You have all seen this picture of these little girls before I'm sure. I bought this years ago before chippy was in style and a friend couldn't understand why I wanted it since sides of frames had chips on the frame.

 It's cold again,burr I was so happy to get out in 
my flower beds and dig around.
Now it's been down in the 30's at night. I covered some of my 
flowers I sure didn't want them froze
since I only had 5 blooms 

I hope you are all staying busy,I'm so happy I have lots of interest
and plenty of STUFF in my studio to keep me busy.
I have been looking through old favorite magazine also
and some of my favorite French decor books.
Let me know what you are doing to stay busy and happy

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Friday, April 10, 2020

Easter Weekend

I am enjoying the sun today even 
though it's cool outside, was down in the 30's
last night.
I have been trying to get a few pretties out for Easter 

I decorated these glitter eggs last year with rhinestone costume jewelry I bought little glitter eggs at Marshal's.I think.
I found these sugar eggs at an estate sale once

In the back ground of this picture is a card from 
my 4 grandsons who I haven't seen since first of March
It is very very sweet 

The inside of one of the vintage sugar eggs

Enjoy your Easter

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Staying In Where I Create Room

As I stay in to avoid the Coronvirus besides eat and sleep I am trying to straighten up my studio which is a full fun room I think. My family thinks it's a total hoarders nest. They don't understand us crafty people LOL who hoards beautiful old ephemera rhinestones shells vintage holiday items I could go on and on.
I am going to show you this area which is not straighten up yet however I'm working on it.

I leave out year around a lot of my different holiday items,since I enjoy them so much.
This stuffed rabbit is made out of my Mom's chenille housecoat made for me by my sister Liz 
The box with the rabbit I made last year at Valentine's and it fits in for Easter also  

I leave my Santa standing year around and cards I'v made and some cards friends mail me 

It's very cloudy and rainy here so my pictures are dark 

I Love my cardboard boxes books and magazines 

 one of my mannequins 

Now don't agree with my family and say this is a total mess, I'm working on it LOL

Ok this is a mess however there is some great little things on this cabinet? do you agree or do you think it's a hoarders nest LOL 

A wall I just hang memento's  on 

It's just a fun large room to me. Today I'm going to make a birthday card for a grandson and get it in the mail since I won't get to spend the day with him on his birthday. We are in a stay at home order here in Missouri.

There is more pictures however I'll stop

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Saturday, March 7, 2020


I just love flowers and promised myself I am going to have a pretty flowers beds this year. I have three small areas that get partial sun so can't plant to many flowers that require all day sun.

Here are a few cards plates and pictures I have around my house of flowers.

This is a package of paper napkins, love the black 

This is a cute plate I bought once because of the staffordshire dogs on it 
with flowers 

Oh and this adorable little 3 1/2
inch painting I found out thrifting 

Now soon I'll get these seeds in the ground.
My tulip and daffodils are up 

The sun is out and beautiful so I can work up a storm today here at home.

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here is a post card I got of a famous painting while at St Louis Art museum yesterday.
Also day light saving time tonight, Spring forward your clocks 

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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Thrift Store Finds

I found this long mirror at a thrift store for five dollars
and I knew it would look good on my red wall in
my home office,clutter room. I have seen antique ones 
similar to this one before and loved the look 

Then I found these tall candle sticks at same thrift store on different trips shopping.
a couple of them I spray painted gold,the 
matching pair. I have them sitting in the 
floor beside one of my old dish cabinets  

Today I am trying to hang a heavy ornate gold leaf shelf 
on the red room wall 
and I knocked it off while hanging an item over it!!
It is in the studio with E6000 glue on it 
It will be OK ( smiley face)

I am home today and in the mood to do about 6 different things and just go from one to another since things aren't working out as I had them planned.
Surely you know what I mean.

I'm taking  Bernideen to lunch Saturday for her late birthday lunch.
She was waiting for a new coffee sandwich shop to open here in Columbia Missouri.
It's open so few of us are going for her.Then a little downtown shopping.
One of our favorites shops downtown is Kent's Florist
He has fabulous home decor and small gifts.

ps Did you notice my new blog header? Bernideen made it for me 

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Friday, February 21, 2020

French Loves of Mine

This fabulous shelf a friend gave me may not be French however its a gold wood and I love it. I need to get it on my red wall in my office with all my other gold items. Don't look at the shoe in bottom of picture, LOL I didn't want to take picture over

I found this gold gilt basket at a local antique mall and couldn't pass it up

This small frame I found in Chesterfield Mo at a vintage mall , I love how it opens in the back, I had never seen one where the frame flips down. I added a piece of vintage wallpaper in it .

I'm home today and have a 20 things I want to accomplish LOL We'll see how many I get done.
I'm just trying to post a little more often since I love reading your blog post and need to stay current

Oh here is one more thing I purchased last Saturday in St Louis area these 3 cupids and it has like a small bowl area which I will fill with rhinestones and set it in the studio. It is a good size item also

Thanks for checking out my new found  items and the shelf a friend gave me. I love these Gold things even if they are newer that some old french items I have

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Friday, January 31, 2020

Missed Ya'all

I have been doing just every day life things and once in a while I play in my studio trying to create some new Valentine cards and few Birthday cards. I am on Instrgram seems like daily reading what others are posting and have neglected my blog. This is a card I have started on not sure how it will end up.

Then I have hearts hanging seems like on every nail and tack in my studio , this is one a friend gave me and she got it off Villabarnes etsy shop, you will remember Rosemary made several of these, I always wanted the large one.

Here is couple cards I made just for myself seems to large to mail

I just love fleurs and embellishments and last year at Chesterfield warehouse sale I bought many of these to use on cards etc. I'm going again this year to see what I can find it's February 15th on a Saturday.

I leave lots of my seasonal things out year around because my finished basement of my house is my studio and I have shelves and furniture sitting full of my treasures

Remember me showing this last year at Valentine's ? I decorated this heart box with some white eyelet material and a Bunny die cut from Germany and of course a few rhinestones

My friend Bernideen has made fabulous valentine medallion cards or hanging decorative medallions. Be sure and check her blog and etsy shop to see them.

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