Saturday, March 7, 2020


I just love flowers and promised myself I am going to have a pretty flowers beds this year. I have three small areas that get partial sun so can't plant to many flowers that require all day sun.

Here are a few cards plates and pictures I have around my house of flowers.

This is a package of paper napkins, love the black 

This is a cute plate I bought once because of the staffordshire dogs on it 
with flowers 

Oh and this adorable little 3 1/2
inch painting I found out thrifting 

Now soon I'll get these seeds in the ground.
My tulip and daffodils are up 

The sun is out and beautiful so I can work up a storm today here at home.

Keep in touch 

here is a post card I got of a famous painting while at St Louis Art museum yesterday.
Also day light saving time tonight, Spring forward your clocks 

parties I joined in 


  1. I also love flowers. All the pictures are lovely but I especially liked the dish with the dogs and flowers, it is so beautiful.
    Have a nice Sunday

  2. I love flowers-any and all of them. Roses are my favorites-followed closely by peonies. Lilacs are my favorite flowering bush/tree. Have fun planting. xo Diana

  3. I love those napkins! We are out working in the yard today! I'm also going to get up in the storage building attic and take down some spring wreaths and decorations.
    And I will need to go to bed early tonight.....

  4. Flowers are beautiful anywhere. I love flowers and can't wait for the trips to the garden centers this spring. Pretty flowers around your home..........

  5. Pretty! Love your staffordshire plate! Never enough flowers in the garden!!

  6. When I loved at my other house, I use to peruse all of the garden books and plan what I was going to plant each year. Don't have room for anything more at this house Love all of your flowers and good luck. Janice

  7. Wonderful collection of beautiful flowers! I love the tiny painting xo Hope you get some warm sunshine for planting in the garden. x Karen

  8. Oh I am ready to plant some flowers....I feel an itch to dig in the dirt. Weather needs to get with the program though. LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. Thanks for sharing your collection of beautiful flowers. And your seed packets remind me I need to plant more flowers. I've planted my sweet pea seeds, as I once did every year, and can't wait to seem them climbing their poles.

  10. I love this post - you need more garden flowers for sure!!!! Delete the above comment though!

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