Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Christmas in The Closet

I don't decorate for Christmas till after Thanksgiving. Lots of ladies are already showing their beautiful Christmas trees up and decorated.

I thought since so many are blogging about Christmas I will just show you my Christmas decorations in a closet, yet to be pulled out LOL 

Some of my mice and cardboard houses on a shelf 

Garland and berries and glitter Tinsel wreath still hanging 

This will all be out soon 

Some Old Santas 

You get the idea ? right Christmas in a closet ? Still on a shelf LOL 

It's so fun to get it all out then takes me a month to get it all back in the closet after New Years's 

Here is Bernideen and  I at The London Tea room In St Louis Mo she was very gracious and took me there for lunch, it was afternoon tea, she did a post about the area 

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving I'm cooking for my little family here in Missouri.
I just enjoyed a wonderful Birthday week , several friends have taken me to wonderful places to eat 
and going again today LOl 

Is your Christmas decorations still in a closet?

Parties I joined in

Thankful Thursday 


  1. These are sure JOYFUL CLOSETS!! Oh boy, some great treasures! Looking forward to another "birthday event" today!

  2. Your things are so pretty. And I absolutely loved the tea party. I thought you ladies looked so cute. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!I am looking forward to see your Christmas decor,you have great treasures!

  4. Mine are yet to be pulled out, as well. I decorate the day after Thanksgiving. No Black Friday shopping for me.

  5. What fun peeking into your closet. Have fun decorating. Janice

  6. Your Christmas decorations are beautiful while still in the closet. Some of mine are out and up, but a long way to go! Happy Thanksgiving........

  7. Very, very pretty -- even in the closet!

  8. You have many beautiful treasures for Christmas. I'm looking forward to seeing these pretty pieces bust out of the closet.


  9. My Christmas storage is never worthy of a photo.

    I have that same box you have in photo #5 - it's probably 40 years old. And I have the Merry Christmas ribbon, but mine came on a smaller round wooden spool

  10. Thank you for linking up today!!!

  11. Won't it be fun to take them out of the closet? Even though I see them year after year, I always manage to find something I had forgotten I had. Thanks for your visit and have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. We will have 6 adults and 4 furs. Looking forward to it..xxoJudy

  12. Oh what fun to peek inside your closet. I almost have the feeling there's more going on there than meets the eye! :~)