Thursday, April 25, 2019

Beautiful Finds


Oh my I have already had lots fun going to estate sales and resale shops this spring, sure you have also.
I know I need to clean out, sale or give away lots of items around my house because it is getting cluttered around here. I'll just stick some things under my bed ? LOL I bought another complete set of Mason dishes a flowered transferware and just couldn't pass them up for the price of $41 for 76 pieces nothing chipped, however I forgot to get the sugar bowl lid ! Darn,left it on the check out table

Now that I'm not working I can play a lot more in the studio and treasure shopping.I do enjoy arranging things in the studio. I have an idea for rearranging a few pieces of furniture

I still have plants sitting around tin the studio windows that I brought in last fall and not sure it's warm enough to put them outside quite yet.

It's very cool and very cloudy here today so I will be busy inside all day. I need to get some bedding plants out also.
Hope you are having a fun week


  1. OH GIRLFRIEND YOU ALWAYS HAVE THE PRETTIEST STUFF!!!!! Love stopping by to see it!

  2. Love that pretty pair of scissors!Hugs!

  3. Oh wow, do you ever have a flair for making things pretty! How special is your collection of buttons and their vessels! I wish I could follow along with you on some of your outings.

  4. Our sales are not in full swing yet....I have stopped at a few but no treasures...but those days will come. Your pictures are always so welcome....and I'd love to see the "Mason" dishes. :)

  5. Great finds. I love treasure hunting in Thrift Shops. Your button find is awesome.

  6. Oh I love...I love the jar of buttons. Love the finds. Great job.

  7. Love your finds, and the button storage is awesome! I'm waiting for the sales to begin in my area...

  8. Congratulations on your retirement! Love all your pretty things! Oh, those buttons!
    I’m taking out and replacing as I find more treasures!