Saturday, March 30, 2019

Snowy Saturday

I can't believe it has snowed today didn't accumulate to much on ground however it snowed for a long time. Temperatures tonight low 27!!  Rain most of day also.

Our Rivers are really rising here in Missouri, I have a friend on the river in Clarksville whose house is in big danger of serious flooding. It's sad to see a mansion flood.

I worked in my studio off and on all day trying to straighten up work tables and making it look maybe not so cluttered which it is . I rearranged some tables and still need to get more done. This picture is just a shelf.

I also did some baking today ,I made chocolate chip black walnut cookies. They are soooo good . I bake from scratch no mixes most of the time.LOL
 Delicious if I say so myself.

This is a page out of an old Victorian calendar to remind me it is still March  one more day. I think the little girl is so cute and the bunny

My flapper doll waiting to be dressed ,that pink silk is off an old blouse of mine and of course an old lace dollies. I posted these for Pink Saturday . She is sitting in a chair I painted pink several years ago and paint is still good

Also my pink fairy is posted for Pink Saturday at How Sweet The Sound blog, she is hanging under a shelf

Gosh I'm tired now so must go have cup hot tea and rest a while, hope you are having a good Saturday.
My neighbors just drove in from Tampa Florida and came home to a cold surprise with our snow

 Parties I joined in

Pink Saturday


  1. Oh boy what a disappointment...snow . I still have the snow shovel on my porch...but had put out a new little garden flag with a spring theme. Should have waited I guess. Rats. I am way too lazy now to bake from scratch. LOL. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  2. Lots of fun going on at Janice's house! Baking and crafting are always good!

  3. Cute decorations. I love your purple transferware dishes.

  4. I loved reading your article! Thanks for sharing.

  5. We have snow and ice predicted for Friday but hopefully it will not amount to anything!! So much eye candy!! Is your calendar a Cynthia Hart one??? I bought one of hers every year and have saved them!! I something cut out the photos from old calendars and taped them onto to new ones which do not have photos i care for on them!!

  6. This is all such pretty stuff! You are so talented! I used to know someone who dressed dolls, she had such nimble fingers. I would have dropped the needle 100 times! I hope that your weather is going to warm up soon!