Saturday, March 16, 2019

Fun With Sea Shells

I have been playing way to much in the studio and not keeping up with house work. But guess that is ok? A friend and I have been working with our collected sea shells.Some are my grandparents from Florida back from 1960's.
I also used some die cuts I bought years ago from an artist estate sale.I get started on a project and just can't stop however there is lots of glue dying time evolved with these.

This first one is my favorite one

These were really fun to make I'll show a couple

I think this is another one that is my favorite LOL I had a small piece drift wood I added
The backs are shells glued standing up then I embellished them with with trims etc

I added some pearls since pearls do come from our sea shells

I think this little girl is sweet riding in her egg cart, I put glitter around her shell , It was a challenge to get these shells glued to stand up on other shells

Now i'm trying to decorate Easter Eggs, since I love glitter I'm starting with glitter and then will add ribbon trims and rhinestones. I must let them wait for today I have a list of other things to get done. Also since the sun is shinning I can get things accomplished, on cloudy days I just want to sit and eat cookies LOL

Are you working on any projects? I still have cards I want to make for Birthdays etc.I use old papers from calendars and scarp book finds on my cards

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  1. Those represent lots of work and time Janice. I think this crafting has gotten us through a long winter until we can get in our flowers again! I am glad to see you having fun!

  2. It is so fun to just let one's imagination run wild, where there are no rules. Your creativeness has found a great escape here. It would be hard for me to choose a favorite because there are special things I like about each piece. I so understand not wanting to clean house on cloudy days. With the return of sunlight my energy level is definitely on the rise.

  3. O MY!! How pretty everything is!! I love all of it!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! I have never come across any purple transferware here but I sure would love too!!

  4. Oh, your creations mixing shells and chromo-pictures are a delight for the eyes!I wish you a nice Sunday! Sandrine

  5. Love your things. By the birthday is December 12th! (I'll bet your cards are darling!!!) LOL

  6. OH! I just love those seashells. What works of art. You did a really good job with them. I can't wait to see your glittered eggs, too.
    No art projects here right now- I wish I had the time to craft. xo Diana

  7. How pretty and unique! I love, love, love seashells and have tons of them, some were my mom's who always collected them when she and my dad went to Florida or anywhere else she went that had a shoreline! I've just been storing them but your creations inspire me to get them out and make something with them.

    Thanks for showing and telling, Janice!

  8. always glad to see you have been by and left a comment! Hope you had a nice weekend and I SURE DO LOVE THESE PRETTY SEASHELLS!! You make pretty things

  9. Oh I love....I love what you have done! Our family takes a full 7 days to spend together at the beach yearly for our family vacation and I so need to do something like this. What a way to make some memories with my grands. Hugs and blessings, Cindy