Saturday, August 11, 2018

Moulin Rougela Goulue

I once ran across a movie while surfing channels about a famous Paris artist named Henri-de Toulouse Lautre and became very interested in his painting style. His style was in the bars and cafes of Paris nightlife. He painted people dining in these places also the dancers and help. Just ordinary people I would say in those times.

One of his famous painting is La Goulue at The Moulin Rouge. Anyway I was at an estate sale last weekend and this painting was in an upstairs office area and I immediately  thought of Henri-de Toulouse painting, very similar.


This is a large painting however not by the famous artist Henri-de Toulouse, I'm sure this artist was maybe coping  his painting. At first I though maybe it was an original because this couple had several items from France including dishes, clothing,  handbags which I had to get one .

My cell phone camera doesn't do this painting justice the gold frame is gorgeous and I love it . There is always something I wish I had gotten, oh well.

I am watering my almost dead flowers still and trying to rearrange things  in my studio and so far all I have is a big mess. I posted on instagram where a shelf fell and lots boxes of Vintage shiny brite bulbs broke. I use to crush them up to make glass glitter however I have plenty so in the trash they went

When you come over you can see my newest painting LOL  As we say in the south Ya'All Come
meaning you ladies and gentlemen please stop by for a cup of tea and treats

Pink Saturday

Between Naps On the porch 


  1. It's a beautiful painting. The frame is also. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. What wonderful and colorful work by the artist whoever they are......definitely French looking! A fun post.

  3. Love the painting! Too bad about all those shiny brites.

  4. Beautiful art! I can draw but never had the patience to paint. Janice

  5. WOW! Beautiful paintings. Hugs and blessings, Cindy