Saturday, April 7, 2018

Shopping in The Bottoms

I took a vacation day off work yesterday and my daughter and I went to Kansas City to what they call The Bottoms ,it's old warehouse that the antique shops have mostly moved to and really its great shopping like this. Instead of running all over a large city looking for shops,

I have high seated chair that I really like however my legs dangle off when sitting in it, this chair is for a very tall person, anyway I found a small footstool that I thought would work fine in my living room.

Then I found these little 6 inch in height staffordshire dogs, I knew I always liked these then when I started going back through my Charles Faurdee books I knew why I liked them, just classic dogs for sure. They aren't 1800's however do have British mark on bottom.
They have the same little collars as my other dogs

They look sweet with my large staffordshire dogs

Then I have collected these jars in the blue and white onion pattern since the 1980's, back then they were like $125-175 each which I didn't buy any of course. Now you can find them $25-45 each.
I didn't have the Beans jar and I love it

It was lots things to look at in those warehouses, we happened in a couple wonderful filled ones for sure, lots painted furniture, I never seen so many huge pictures to hang, and spring garden items. I want one of those large balls you hang in a tree

I found these M A Hadley salt and pepper at the first building we went in I think it's name was Red Shed. I have a friend who has every piece ever made in this old country kitchen pattern.
This was a good reasonably priced building

Then there was a very nice couple who had all British items and had a huge pub sign that showed Queen Victoria and Prince Albert on it. I bought a  cup tea strainer that has Ireland insignia and dated 1938 for $1.00 !!!!

It was a fun shopping day we also had lunch in one of the warehouse I think it was the Bottom
Here we are standing in from of the Pub sign

 It was a cold windy day of shopping but can't wait to go back. Now I am going to Jefferson City for  a birthday party for my grandson and he wanted a blackberry cobbler instead of a cake so it's in the oven. I think it was 15 degrees here when I got up just FYI LOL

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  1. Looks like you had a really GREAT day and found some fabulous "deals". We all need a day like that once in a while. Love your new sweet pups! xo Diana

  2. Oh Goodie Janice - loved seeing all your treasures! The dogs look lovely in front with the contrasting colors!!! Keep warm! Rain and snow tonight or tomorrow. I have 6-7 daffodils in the yard - I think I'll pick them They make Keith sneeze so I can put them in my sewing room! Happy birthday Samuel!

  3. You certainly found some wonderful treasures. I love the shakers and the bean jar. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. please put a doily or something lighter on the little stool, so it will be easier to tripping, please.

  4. Great time,great treasures!That chair is gorgeous!Keep warm!Hugs.

  5. Love seeing your treasures! That tiny footstool is precious! Cold here in the country today but not as cold as where you are!

  6. Oh I would love to go to a good antique store! Love your finds!

  7. Sounds like my kind of place!! I love your great treasures.

  8. I would have loved this shopping trip. It’s convientant to have all the antique shops all in one location, Atlanta did that and I love it. I love the items you found. The Hadley salt and pepper, a great find. I have one piece and love it, a little bowl with handle my sister gave me years ago. I also have a few pieces of Blue Onion I found at a yard sale. Great pic of yo and your daughter. Happy Sunday.......

  9. Looks like you two had great fun and found some great treasures! Cute pic of you and Tara with the "Royal sign"! I thought you had bought it!!

  10. My friend was at a cattle show for a week in Kansas City, she went there too and loved it! She said it was a fun shopping experience! Looks like you found some great items!

  11. What fabulous finds...good shopping!

  12. OMG ..Didn’t you have fun.. Love that little foot stool and of course the tea strainer ... The staffordshire dogs are as sweet as can be and add a nice variance to your collection. I think my favourite is the ‘ Bean “ jar simply because it is so unique ( ha Ha) ..It really made me smile... The main reason for antiquing is to have fun and to “ BUY” ( Hee hee).. Enjoy your lovely items..... Hugs

  13. Oh, what fun you had! You found so many treasures and I am loving your blue and white bean jar as well as your dogs! The dogs look adorable sitting with the other ones. As much as I love living here on the Island, we don't have access to the many shops and antique stores that you have. Our population is very small. Alas, I'm not a traveler either so I must make do with what I have. But it's fun visiting you and other ladies who can shop in the bigger centers. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your new found goodies and your weekend.

  14. Your shopping day is my idea of fun! Those Staffordshire dogs are cute!