Sunday, April 15, 2018

Cabinets and Pulls

While I set here and watch our last snow flurries I was thinking of a new post about what I wanted to plant this spring besides my usual annual plants. I'm thinking just more hydrangeas.

I think I better go out and cover up my clematis  because it has many new sprouts and I don't want it to freeze, be right back.

Ok I'm back inside and that wind is cold, how about where you are? I like old chippy cabinets and like pretty pulls on cabinets so thought I'll show a few abound my house. This is a cabinet in my cooking area with some of my red transferware dishes.I like the old keys I having hanging

I also have this old kitchen cabinet full of my blue calico staffordshire  English dishes. I'm going to get a couple old keys to hang here also.

I also really like painted furniture in its original state ,this little chest from 1960's. It is black and gold which I really like in furniture . This little chest is as you walk in my front door sitting under a hge gold framed wood mirror

This lowboy chest is really not a grey color it's more blue however on this cloudy day my phone camera makes it look grey, it's in my office area piled full of blue white dishes and books.

I have a peach cobbler in the oven so better go check on it, yes I made my own crust and used my Grandmothers old wood rolling pin that she had my entire life growing up so gotta go

Thanks for stopping, Next weekend I', going to St Louis with couple blogging friends. I think it's a vintage market at Chesterfield


  1. I thinks knobs and pulls add that extra touch to pieces of furniture. I like your old chippy cabinet.

    I do hope you are staying cozy inside with your crazy weather.

  2. Love your chippy cabinet. Our weather is just as crazy. I am tired of it! lol

  3. What a charming furniture!Love the china I could see too!Hugs!I wish you a lovely and sunny week!

  4. YOur chippy white cabinets are nice! Freezing rain here in MIchigan. Janice

  5. Yes, I covered a few plants outside also. Looking forward to our Chesterfield outing this coming Saturday! Hope the weather is nice! Have a great week! xoxo

  6. I love seeing the heirlooms and treasures from the past being used in their original state, like your rolling pin. I am in love with your white cabinet. It is gorgeous!!!

    Send a piece of cobbler this way!


  7. My mouth is watering hearing you talk about your peach cobbler!

    Yes, this whole weekend here in dreary old Michigan has been frigid and rainy-icey. I have stayed in the house except to go to get the paper today. When will spring be here, for real??? I feel like we've been tricked several times over the last few weeks with a warmish, sunny day here and there but then more winter. Sigh! I hope my daffodils that have been trying to bloom survive the freezing rain.

    I like your chippy cabinets, too. They remind me of a couple of cabinets my grandmother had in her kitchen when I was little. I also love your collection of red transferware. Lovely. Thanks for sharing your pretty things.

  8. I love everything vintage and your keys are just the perfect touch for those beautiful old doors.. a are the glass knobs... We have a 100 plus door in my cottage studio and even though it had bits and pieces carved out of it ..I just couldn’t get a new one... ( ha Ha).. Old pieces have a reason for being and add such breath to a house.... Your 1960’s lowboy looks quite a home with your lovely blue dishes too... Can’t wait to see what you find at the flea market... Have fun ...Hugs

  9. Although I don't have but one old piece, I always admire the chippy, the intricate knobs and keys of a bygone era.


  10. Your chippy cupboards are wonderful and I love the idea of hanging old keys from them. We have had cold and rain here all Spring and it's not even green here yet.

  11. Love that chippy white cabinet! And peach cobbler! Wish it was me going to St Louis. Have a fantastic time!

  12. I love old knobs and old keys too! I've saved a few over the years

  13. Oh I adore that beautiful cabinet and those red dishes! YES! I have just a few plates of the red but love them. I too love the keys. Thank you for stopping by to visit me today. Made my afternoon. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  14. Ooh I see red transferware and pretty blue ones, too! The peach cobbler is calling to me. I'll bet it was delicious!
    Thank you for visiting my blog. xx