Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Gathering of Friends

Baby is it cold outside? BURRRRRRRRRR about -25 here tonight

Anyway I received and bought myself a new red transferware teapot. The second one a daughter gave me for Christmas says Staffordshire England  on bottom.

My cabinet of mismatched red and white transferware dishes also a plate my friend Gina  gave me yesterday at my luncheon for my blog friends

One of my cabinets in the kitchen

Here is picture of Bernideen and Gina ( who had Wanna Be Victorian ) which she is all about only Victorian ,who came over for lunch my daughter took the picture . It's so cold I made a big pot soup hot tea and made a fresh carrot cake . You who like Mackenzie Childs can see my courtney checked shakers on the bar and my teapot on the stove in the background fyiLOL

See my black and white teapot cozy? Bernideen made it for me. A picture in the studio

Ok here is what I'm doing today, I went to mass last night so staying in all day and relaxing and may play in the studio a while

Happy New Year stay warm going to be negative 25 here tonight in central Missouri

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Friday, December 29, 2017

New Dawn

It's almost a New Year and as the sun came across my kitchen I thought this made a fun picture my little bottle brush wreath on my chippy shabby cabinet.
I am at work today however will have 3 days off and thrilled about this

Keep feeding the birds and keep water out if at all possible for them.  invest in a heating element for your bird bath the birds will appreciate it, I got mine at hardware store

Happy New Year to you all

It's been such a great blogging year in 2017, I stared blogging in 2010

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Country Walk

Just a little snow dusting made everything so much prettier for our walk after eating and opening presents, this is a creek area
we walked across the little bridge over the creek , my daughter and I slipped out of the house while everybody was busy with new Christmas electronics and toys

Daughters pretty mail box with snow on the bow,It was a very cold walk however little refreshing and I had new boots on that didn't hurt my feet LOL Have you heard of the brand FYL? very comfortable, I purchased them last summer when I was in New York City

 This was a very good family day for sure

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Some Favorites

Everything this time of year doesn't have to be a post about Christmas decor, however I could post Christmas items for 2 months everyday I do believe.

I was looking in my jewelry box for a certain pair of earrings and ran across these pins and I absolutely love the portrait pin it's large and a lady painted on a stone it looks like however surely its shell? maybe.
I bought it at a resale shop and as I was paying for it another lady that was not helping  me said oh no we can't sell that pin for that price,it's priced way to little. I did speak up and said yes i'm paying the price on the tag attached. I got it for the price on the tag. Thank You

The pin on the bottom with the couple was a pin that belonged to my Great Aunt Ollie who was my Grandmothers sister, it has a signature on front and marked with a French name on back. My great aunt loved antiques and collected french dishes and jewelry, she worked in a little antique shop in a hotel in Sikeston Missouri back in the 1960's, I still have a dish she gave me when I was in my 30's

OK here is some Christmas my large 12 inch Santa Hello Kiddies mold I got  at a yard sale back in the 1980's for $3 I was thrilled then and still love it, It was in it's original box and I threw it away !!!!

I need to get to work so later


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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Table Update

Yesterday I posted how was I setting my table for my families Christmas lunch this Saturday December 16th.
I wanted to mix and match my table however just didn't really like the previous blue and white tablecloth so changed to a black and white buffalo check wrapping paper,that I think looks better,it also matching close to my Mackenzie Child's items. Don't you think it's better? be honest. LOL

Also I feed and water birds all summer and winter however I was told the winter is when birds really need water, so I have a heating element inside my bird bath.This is picture his morning looking out my dirty kitchen window LOL Another thing I throw out dry cat food for  a stray cat in my neighborhood and these larger birds are eating cat food !!!!! LOL I also throw out black sunflower seeds for these birds

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Tea For One

I usually don't do a tea post however wanted to join my friend Bernideen in Sharing Tea post about tea and goodies and her Friendly Village dishes.

I bought this little set from Victorian Trading Company a few years ago and have yet to use it however I will be using it soon because I just purchased about 8 tins of different teas to try. I like loose tea however most of the tea in my tins are bags. I have some antique tea spoons that hold loose teas and should have taken a picture to post with this.

Also I am working on setting my table for this Saturday's Christmas pizza party with my 4 grandson and my daughter and husband.

I know it looks pretty dressed up for pizza however I just get to use my pretty Christmas dishes once a year.

These are my little sheep paper napkins i'm using Saturday, I did a mix up of patterns on my table and added the red plaid napkins however I like the sheep best.Also I think I' change my table cloth to my black and white plaid what do you think?

 Oh here I added my red glasses to the table, they will be filled with chocolate milk for the boys

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Courtney Check

Now that I have the bug of collecting  Mackenzie Child's Courtney Check I just had to have these. They are a nice tall size. I already have them full of salt and pepper,went to the grocery to get new to put in them.

I am almost ready for my family Christmas party at my house this Saturday. I stared a few years ago to have my youngest daughter son in law and the 4 boys come for a before Christmas lunch and gift exchange at my house.
The boys love Pizza so I special order each boy a small extra cheese Shakespeare's  pizza. They love it, then I bake a fresh carrot cake or blackberry cobbler . Then of course other goodies.

Below is a sweet picture of memories of one of my grandson's, it just happened to be setting by my Grandmothers little Hallmark Mouse ornament I gave her years ago. I love this little mouse sewing .

 Also I have 7 grandson's no granddaughters

Well I have a few more things to get done like running the vacuum and mopping the kitchen floor them i'm ready after I set the table with my Christmas dishes , I'll try to get pictures later

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

My Christmas Present

I just happened to read where there was this big beautiful red transferware mason tureen for sale and thought maybe I should go check it out. I waited a few days because I had forgot about it. Anyway I went out to the flea market and there she set.Just waiting on me I was thrilled !!! and still am LOL

I have several pieces of the Mason Vista dishes and always on the lookout for a good price on them.

Isn't she just beautiful ? I am thrilled to have her

I was in such a hurry to take her picture I didn't set her on the platter she sets on which I already had.
I am using a large soup ladle in my Mom's pattern named Coronation

I thought the occasion called for the candleabra to be lit up to celebrate the arrival

OK one more picture and i'll tell you how I found this gorgeous beauty.
Do you ever read Bernideen's Tea Time and Cottage blog?
Look at this post where she is showing off her red transferware and her tureen
I am thrilled to own it ! did I already say that ? LOL