Monday, December 11, 2017

Courtney Check

Now that I have the bug of collecting  Mackenzie Child's Courtney Check I just had to have these. They are a nice tall size. I already have them full of salt and pepper,went to the grocery to get new to put in them.

I am almost ready for my family Christmas party at my house this Saturday. I stared a few years ago to have my youngest daughter son in law and the 4 boys come for a before Christmas lunch and gift exchange at my house.
The boys love Pizza so I special order each boy a small extra cheese Shakespeare's  pizza. They love it, then I bake a fresh carrot cake or blackberry cobbler . Then of course other goodies.

Below is a sweet picture of memories of one of my grandson's, it just happened to be setting by my Grandmothers little Hallmark Mouse ornament I gave her years ago. I love this little mouse sewing .

 Also I have 7 grandson's no granddaughters

Well I have a few more things to get done like running the vacuum and mopping the kitchen floor them i'm ready after I set the table with my Christmas dishes , I'll try to get pictures later


  1. Love your new collection. :) Our memories are priceless. Love the picture of the boy with your mom's mouse. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Have a wonderful Christmas with your kiddos...what a great idea to order them each a pizza!! That is just a dear picture of your little guy next to your grandmother's mouse ornament.

      Hope you have a great week- xo Diana

  2. Love that last photo. What Christmas is about.

  3. Pizza sounds perfect! Oh-all those boys!

    Happy Holidays!

  4. I love the CC salt and pepper and how tall they are. Great choice. Your party sounds great and those pizzas sound delish. Love that little mouse, precious pic.

  5. You and Sarah do Courtly checks so well! The photo of your grandson is precious and I love that little mouse!

  6. You have seven grandsons? - how wonderful. I love this salt and pepper shaker. You know, I've always wanted a tea pot in the black and white checkered design. The little mouse ornament is cute, and the picture of your grandson is a treasure.

    Have fun at the family Christmas party this weekend.


  7. Great idea to have an early get together. Wow, 7 grandsons! Love your checked salt and pepper shakers.

  8. Great shakers!
    Your gathering will be a lot of fun! It’s amazing how fast December is flying by!

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