Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Gathering of Friends

Baby is it cold outside? BURRRRRRRRRR about -25 here tonight

Anyway I received and bought myself a new red transferware teapot. The second one a daughter gave me for Christmas says Staffordshire England  on bottom.

My cabinet of mismatched red and white transferware dishes also a plate my friend Gina  gave me yesterday at my luncheon for my blog friends

One of my cabinets in the kitchen

Here is picture of Bernideen and Gina ( who had Wanna Be Victorian ) which she is all about only Victorian ,who came over for lunch my daughter took the picture . It's so cold I made a big pot soup hot tea and made a fresh carrot cake . You who like Mackenzie Childs can see my courtney checked shakers on the bar and my teapot on the stove in the background fyiLOL

See my black and white teapot cozy? Bernideen made it for me. A picture in the studio

Ok here is what I'm doing today, I went to mass last night so staying in all day and relaxing and may play in the studio a while

Happy New Year stay warm going to be negative 25 here tonight in central Missouri

I joined PINK Saturday 


  1. I so love red transferware, It goes so well with Christmas greens. Your new teapot fits right in. Have a Happy New Year! Janice

  2. Oh dear - there I am in the flesh! Time for a diet! Too many cookies. Your home was delightful! The food and company were too! Happy New Year!

  3. Lovely, wonderful pictures!!! Love your teapots and your tea cozy.
    I have quite a few red transferware pieces, too, and love them. What a sweet tea cozy, too!

    Hope you have a great New Year. xo Diana

  4. Ohhhhh.....I want to come to your house for tea!! So much eye candy to look at there! I love it all. Enjoy your rest!! We are doing the same thing!

  5. Hi Janice, so glad you like the plate. :) It was such a lovely luncheon, I really enjoyed it! Always enjoy visiting with you ladies.
    You make me laugh with your blingy sandals on, and NO socks! I always have to have socks on in the Winter!
    Happy New Year to you! xoxo

  6. Lots to look at and enjoy in your dwelling! I love the red transferware, too! I only have a couple small plates as I don't have much room for display in my small ranch house.

    Hope the New Year brings you many blessings!

  7. We're in northern IL and we've been below zero for about a week now:( Celebrating New Year's in the mountains and it's around -9 degrees right now (feels like -24!) It's nights like these we love the fireplace! ounds like your luncheon was wonderful, so glad you had such a nice time. xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  8. Cold is right!! Our wind-chill was -20 last night. We were in bed by 9:30 hahahaha! Love your collection and looks like you all enjoyed a wonderful time together. The teapot cozy is SO cute!

  9. What a precious and cozy friendship!Great time!Love your gorgeous porcelain(oh my!)and all of your treasures,including the pretty tea cozy,a especial gift!Keep warm,put your socks!Lol!Happy New Year!

  10. I love your new teapot! Looks like a fun gathering... small and intimate. I love your transferware cupboard. Your kitchen looks so sweet too.

  11. I love mismatched red transferware! Your cabinet is truly delightful. Bernideen and Gina are both such sweethearts! Glad you three can get together. We have had quite warm weather here. We really could use some snow! Love your metal tree with the ornaments! Happy New Year and stay warm and toasty!

  12. What a fun day you had! How nice to be with friends for the holiday! I love your new teapots and your bling flip flops!

  13. So happy seeing Bernideen and Gina with you. Tell Gina she is missed on her Victorian Blog. Looks like you had a great tea party. And yes, the weather seems really cold in lots of places. Try and stay warm.

    1. Awww, thank you Sandra, I really appreciate you saying so! Take care and Have a blessed New Year!

  14. What a wonderful tea time with friends. I love the cute little candelabra on the cake. Your beautiful teapot is a wonderful addition to your red/white transferware collection. Happy New Year!

  15. Oh my goodness, I won't complain about the cold here again! I love your two pretty teapots and the lovely cozy made by your friend. Gorgeous cabinet full of transferware. I spy the MC, one of my favorites. I love that pretty apron.! Stay warm.......and Happy New Year!

  16. Your red transferware collection is gorgeous! I love red transferware as well and have a few pieces myself. Happy New Year!

  17. Janice, what a lovely group of friends gathered around your table. It's been COLD here too for about three weeks. I love your red transferware. How beautiful it looks in your cabinet! I LOVE your new red teapot! Have a wonderful day and stay warm.