Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sweet Sheep

 I don't even remember where I found this cute sheep with a red ribbon and bell already on it, I think I got it at a thrift store for 50 cents It's very lightweight and looks so cute standing besides my little Nicole Sayer dolls.

I am doing just a short post because of i'm short on time before I head out to work and I'm going out to dinner after work with my friend who is 102 years old and his son and grandson from Munich Germany.

I am still trying to get Christmas out a little at a time. It's always so fun to get it out and arrange it. Hope we all have a great day.
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  1. The sheep and dolls are cute and pretty.Have a lovely time!

  2. Love the sheep. Your friend is 102 years old? What a milestone in life!

  3. Hoe precious! Keep them safe!

    Kudos to your friend...I can only hope to make it partly that long! :)

    Jane x

  4. Well 102 years old warrants a short post I would think! That's amazing . . . and the sheep ARE so cute!

  5. Very sweet sheep! Short or long, I always enjoy your posts. Have a great dinner!

  6. I love this sheep and doll with such an adorable dress. Sweet post, have a great dinner!

  7. What a cute little vignette! Enjoy decorating - I am almost finished! Thanks for stopping by to read about the Traveling Totes!

  8. Your little sheep is adorable. I'm a fan of Nicole Sayer's work and have some of her pieces. Your dolls are adorable!
    Enjoy your dinner with friends. 102 ~ that is amazing!

  9. Your sheep and your dolls are so adorable! Having lunch with a 102 year old is such a treasured memory!!

  10. That is the sweetest little lamb and does look perfect with those beautiful dolls. Happy Weekend..Judy

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    1. Tell me the book/page number of the cup that Tasha is holding, the pink cup. I probably have one. I deleted the first post because I spelled my own name wrong. ha. Marshel at

  12. Your sheep and dolls are enchanting - in fact, the entire vignette you've created is intriguing and I want to examine every item up close!
    Thanks for sharing.
    And, belatedly, happy pink saturday!

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