Sunday, November 26, 2017

Getting Started With Christmas Decor

Well the dig is on to get boxes of Christmas stuff out of the basements closets and storage room.

I am also trying o decide which trees to use this year feather trees, aluminum trees or my big white tree ? I bought a small green tree at an estate sale not long ago and may try to use it somewhere.

I brought my Byers Carolers Stove and Granny making cookies upstairs to set on my kitchen bar. Do you remember when these were very collectible? They still are in some stores I have seen anyway

I have had 3 days off work and it's been wonderful. I got to do a few things around my yard which still needed done before really cold weather and got my outdoor wreath up on my house and a few little Christmas decor out .
It's back to work tomorrow so will try to do a little after work in the evening which I'm not good at.
I come home and want to  set in my recliner and unwind from my stressful job

I even wrapped 4 Christmas packages today !!!! I'm going to wrap them as I buy them instead of waiting till Christmas week then trying to wrap 50 packages at one time.
Which way do you do it ? Also which trees are you going with this year?


  1. Looks like you are off to a good start with your Christmas decorating. Love your stove and vignette for you kitchen vignette. I have also seen a lot of carolers this year. Our big tree is up, hope to start on a few vignettes this week. Happy decorating........

  2. Oh, forget to say but I try to wrap gifts as they come in the door. It doesn't always happen and I usually have a gift wrap marathon right before Christmas!

  3. Everything is looking so festive! I love the Byers figurines.

    I have a few small trees for tabletops-not sure if that's what you are talking about--or a large tree?

    Gift wrapping is always my downfall. I start out well, and then find myself doing it on Christmas Eve!


  4. You are off and running! And off to a fun start with your little tree and grandma! I have our bedroom decorated and have a small tree in there. I'm going to be paring down my decorating this year but will definitely be starting today.

  5. Oh, I just love feather trees but don't own any. Love your baskets of bulbs....are they Shiny Brites? I change my decorating every year because I have too much stuff to interchange with! I have a red tree, a silver tree and a white tree, all small but with two kitties, I can't put any of them out. We got our fresh tree this past weekend and it is standing in the living room falling out! Great idea on wrapping the gifts as you go, but I would forget what I already had. I tend to keep buying right up till Christmas :-)

  6. Dearest Janice,
    I so love your Byers Carolers Stove and Granny making cookies, oh, how I'd love to find theme here in Italy, actually, here I've never seen them even in a shop window decorated for Christmas ... also this wonderful period of the year is lived in such a different way here, I think that the true 'Spirit of Christmas' still belongs to you, that's one of the reasons why I do love and admire you English speaking so much !

    Wishing you a most lovely new week,
    with much love and gratitude

    XOXO Daniela

  7. Were all in the same mode today!!!!! Got two big trees standing but not decorated yet. I love the feather tree.

  8. Oh, such darling decorations! Love the little Grandma! I am in a 'white' mood this year, but need to get crackin'! haha! Glad you had some time off to unwind. xx Karen

  9. Haven't started to take out my snowman collection, but did get started on cards. Only did six, but feel so ahead of things. I just need to keep it up.

  10. In full swing here! Our tree is up and decorated and the mantel is dressed with the stockings hung. Working on the kitchen and dining room this evening. It's all fun!