Thursday, May 25, 2017

Once Again

Once again I am going to straighten up the studio and put things in drawers and into my next yard sale. I think I'm ready to pass some things on to others.
Last sale I rid myself of lots of dishes and then just gave boxes of dishes to a church donation center that didn't sale,

I love all my do dads however I'm going for a more straighten up room look. I have treasures and stuff just sitting everywhere as you will see in pictures.
These are little frames I added my rhinestones to. The little china lamp shade is sitting on a sterling shaker

Then this shelf is full of loose beads and old earrings in the larger jars,see the old ladies watches I have collected to make a bracelet and never have gotten one made. The picture of the old gentleman,well I had to decorate him up with rhinestones also and added an old cigar label to bottom of his picture,I liked the colors of the cigar band

Then I have jars and jars of buttons, the colored ones I didn't get a picture of, I'm ready to pass them on also, just getting them sorted and bagged is a big job. I have 2 ladies wanting to have a yard sale soon as possible

The little figures below will be in the yard sale along with table and chairs and lamps which I have way too many of

I keep special magazines and I have 3-4 little book shelves full and I have downsized these before .I don't even have pictures of all the boxes and drawers of paper for card making I am sorting through.
I have found out in previous yard sales of mine, people don't want my stuff they want new items for their homes,that is why I donated so much.
Another lady is bringing more vintage items she has had in her attic for years.

All this stuff will be cleaned out except for my candelabras  I still love them. I even have 2 books of ideas I have kept for years , ideas I never got made LOL

Does anyone need nylon lace? I have drawers and drawers of it also rick rack boxes of this also, seems like other ladies are cleaning out sewing stuff also, etsy is full of it

Oh well just thinking out loud. I am looking forward to this weekend I am going to cook some pork steaks and hamburgers on my grill and hopefully have the enthusiasm to get things cleaned  up in the studio

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  1. Oh you're a magpie like me. I have a booth in an antique mall and you are right. Though I've marked things below what I've paid for them, this generation doesn't want antiques.

  2. Such a fun creative room full of treasures! I love it all!

  3. Great treasures!Love your little figures!

  4. Love your treasures. I live in Columbia and would love to know where and when for the sale.

    1. Sure Dianna send me a private email with your cell # or email and I'll let you know when the sale is
      Glad to meet another Columbia gal

  5. Lol! I'd call you a serial collector too! Lots of fun things! Thanks for your visit and kind comment!

  6. Wow, I would love to shop your garage sales...So many goodies!


  7. I would love to come to your sale and pick through all your treasures! I have a ton of buttons too that I am now ready to part with. I can't even think of where to start to bag them and price the pound, by the dozen, by a handful??!! I hope you do sell lots of things and then you can buy more!

  8. Oh would love to come to your yard sale! What interesting treasures! I need more stuff!

  9. Janice, you have quite a collection of beautiful antiques. I wish I lived closer to go to your sell! ♥ Hugs, Jody

  10. You have lots of goodies, Janice, and I love buttons although I don't sew. Can a person like buttons and not sew?? Love your rhinestoned frames too. Have fun at your yard sale and enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!


  11. I love all of your treasures. You will have an awesome garage sale. You mentioned you are getting rid of (selling) your little figures. Yikes..I have seen at antique shows in the Twin City area, (Gold Rush Days) figurines (sp) like the mother and daughter one you show, sell for several hundred dollars. It is beautiful, I am wishing, just because..... you might keep that one, for yourself. Anyway..just my opinion, I can say that, because I don't live close enough to shop at your sale, and buy it myself (grin)..Have a wonderful day, at your sale, and have a pleasant Memorial Day.

  12. So many pretties--this is MY kind of garage sale ;) Thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm! Pinned!

  13. You have so many pretty things. When you want to make something it looks like you have everything at your fingertips. You also have it all fixed very neatly. That would be my problem..Happy week to you..Judy

  14. Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

  15. oh what fun!!! clearing out means only one thing....a junking summer ;) thanks so much for popping over to say hello! hope everything is well with you janice!!
    karla & karrie

  16. OH my goodness, Janice, what a very beautiful room you have, with all the amazing collections of goodies. I`m not sure I would be as strong in mind, as you are, selling or giving away, a lot of all this.... you must be a brave woman :-) Thank you for your kind visit to my blog - Dorthe x

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