Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New York City

Hi everyone

I still don't have a new printer or computer hooked up however I'm back from a fabulous trip to New York City and surrounding areas.
I love going to New York  I think I could get around all by myself now that I have been there 3 times.

This first picture is outside the 911 Memorial area with two handsome men who you can tell who they are.

It was a very nice day when my girlfriends and I visited the 911 area, it was really cold to me while I was there the last two weeks. The names cut into the metal wall around the waterfall was very well done

This was same day we went to Little Italy for lunch and I love the bakery in that area named Ferrara's I love the pastry named lobster claw a very large light pastry shaped liked a lobster filled with sweet cream custard

One day trip into the city from Long Island on the train , Terry and Judy and I went to crown center also to the 65th floor of the GE building for Sunday brunch at the very famous luxurious restaurant named the Rainbow Room, live music while we dined on the fabulous brunch. Very expensive place for us working people. Our bill for 3 of us including tip was $516.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I could have bought my new recliner I need with that much money LOL or a new area rug I want to redo my living room LOL

This was like I said on 65th top floor of building and I looked out over Manhattan , I couldn't look down because it scared me to death LOL

If you look you can see Statue of Liberty, on my first trip to New York we went out to see her and Ellis Island

Then we toured  Theodore Roosevelt's home on Long Island and it was such a nice house
I froze that day because I only wore a pink cardigan and I needed a jacket . This picture is at his grave. At the Visitor's center there was such a wonderful gift shop with copies of all the books he had written. I must get some and read them now.

Then another day we went to Chelsea area and walked the  above ground High Line where they  took an old rail track and planted gardens , very nice and I liked shopping in Chelsea Market area. I bought some wonderful teas.

I know this is lot of pictures and of course I have more because we went up state New York to Hyde Park Culinary Institute of America and had lunch . It was very windy and cool this day. This was with another friend Lorraine , Terry and me

I toured this place also in Pennsylvania !!!!!! QVC . we got to see live studio and shows going on live it was a huge building ,then of course we got to SHOP

I think this is enough for now , if you're not a New York City lover like me this will be to much to read ?
I also went to a high tea party and went into St Patrick's cathedral again on this trip

I really enjoyed this trip and my wonderful hostess Terry my friend who always plans such eventful trips for us .

Now I have got to figure out how to hook up this new printer and wait on Geek squad for my computer hook up

ps. I missed you all

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  1. Looks like a lovely trip and you had good weather! I love the picture with the policemen. My son just got stationed at Staten Island with the Coast Guard. Andrea

  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip. NYC is on my bucket list.


  3. Glad you had such fun on your trip Janice! The photos are wonderful!

  4. Sounds like you young ladies had a terrific time. WOW over $500.00 for lunch, sure hope that it was worth that. What a view....

    I would like going to little Italy and having their desserts.

    Have a great rest of the week.


  5. Hi Janice, I've been missing you! Looks like you had a great time! And to think I thought our meal at Mary Ann's Tearoom was expensive!! lol
    Talk to you soon! xoxo

  6. Great trip!I went there a long time ago and loved it!Thanks for sharing!

  7. What an awesome trip! I would love to visit the east coast in much history. QVC shopping? Wow! The Rainbow Room, double wow! I have been touring before and not dressed warm enough...not fun.

  8. What a gorgeous trip you had, darling Janice, I'm sure you enjoyed every little moment of it, you look so lovely and happy and you saw and visited so many wonderful places !

    You have to know that my grandfather on my mother's side was from Ferrara, it's curious, isn't it, I feel you a little closer to me now :) !!!

    Wishing you a most lovely Sunday,
    I'm sending blessings across the many miles,
    precious friend of mine .... I'm so grateful to you for your visit today... you mean so, so much to me and your words always bless my day !

    XOXO Dany

  9. Wow! $516 for brunch! My husband is a NYC native and when I told him that he said that place is for the rich! I have not been there or Chelsea Place. I have been there about 3 times with my husband as the guide and we still have not seen everything. The last time we were there we stayed in Hell's Kitchen.

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