Saturday, April 1, 2017

April's Fools Day

 How many of you play tricks on friends and family on April Fools Day? I have in the past now seems I can't think something up that they wouldn't believe if I said it LOL

How about if I said i'm getting married and wearing these vintage high heels from the 1960's ?
Believe it ?                                        

or these ?

Well of course i'm not getting married just needed something pink for Pink Saturday on Beverly's blog for Pink Saturday

Happy April 1st



  1. Love your vintage high heels,especially the first one...Hugs,Maristella.

  2. I think you should wear the first ones and you will be gorgeous!

  3. Can Bernideen and I be the bridesmaids?! lol

  4. All of us who want to be bridesmaids will be fighting over the extra pair of shoes to wear. Set the date. He will come.

  5. Ooh I love these pretty vintage shoes, especially the beaded pair! I think I was born in the wrong era!! Have a great week Janice!!! xo

  6. Well, you made me laugh! I haven't worn shoes like that for MANY years. I don't know if I could even walk in them any more. What a fun blog post.

  7. Such pretty shoes! I would trip and fall on my face wearing them, though! I haven't been 'fooled' in quite a few years, but this was a sweet one. xo Karen

  8. Had to tell you that I just love those vintage ribbons in the photo! The ones with the silver in them,are they vintage? Janice, are they for sale? the shoes are lovely too, but I am a ribbon girl myself! lol
    Thank you so much for coming by and leaving the lovely comment about Marie, she was quite the dresser- hmm?

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