Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Back in 2013

Just ran across a post I did  in 2013 where I was wondering why ladies quit blogging with no explanations. I'm having hot tea and doing this post before I start another yard cleaning day outside

I am getting lots done,yard work most of yesterday and had help with little grandsons ages 6 and 9.

I had a chandelier outside hanging in a tree over the patio and took it down since all the crystals was blown off ,guess the birds carried them off?


  1. Hi Janice, been missing you! Glad you are getting a lot done and that you had some help. :)

  2. The chandelier photo is lovely!

  3. It's always so mysterious when bloggers just 'go away'. I remember that blog, 'Vintage Girl'. Your chandelier is so pretty - funny about the missing crystals, though. So nice to have the grands stop by to help. x Karen

  4. Hi Janice, Love the chandelier, the little birds and squirrels needed some bling in their nest! lol Hugs,

  5. Hi Janice,
    That's funny! I was thinking the same thing: that some little bird has a pretty fancy nest! It's comical what animals will carry off. I often brush my dog outside and one summer I looked up in a tree in the yard and saw a nest made out of my dog's hair! The nest was mostly black hair!!! LOL! But I bet it was warm and fuzzy!!! ;)

    I've noticed some bloggers have gone awol too.... Some that I read pretty regularly. :( Sometimes life gets in the has for me anyways...take care. Happy to meet you and now follow your blog-- thanks to Stephanie,

  6. When I first started blogging there was an blog team on Etsy that I just clung onto for dear life! They were the only ones that read and commented on my blog. Now I don't see any of their blogs out there at all anymore. Maybe they tried to do it to make money and failed? LOVE your chandelier. I just bought myself one and don't know where to put it. Maybe out in my huge pine tree?!

  7. Hello sweet lady:
    I certainly understand taking breaks! We all need them. I am personally disappointed in all the commercialization of blogging now. I don't like all the ads coming up and blinking in between. I think it is sad.

  8. Thanks for stopping by! I promise to post pics as soon as can figure out why they won't load. Lol! Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs,

  9. Thanks so much for stopping by!! It was an incredible snow storm, breaking all records!! It has all but melted except for large snow poles created by shoveling and plowing....Enjoy your break.....

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