Sunday, September 11, 2016

Thrifting Buys

I had a nice weekend and Thursday I went up to Kansas City with a friend to meet up with some ladies who we took our trip with last year this time to Medjugorje. So while we was up there we just had to do a little thrift store shopping. Also went a decent antique store in Independence on the square. This lady had wonderful old silver spoons and lots china and bone tea cups for you tea ladies.
I found a nice little white pitcher that was too good of a price to leave behind,or so I thought.

                            $3.00 girls
 Then I spotted this little dresser jar in a cabinet. I use to crave these years ago and always thought they were out of my price range for affordability. However this little sweet jar was priced right.
Then I know I have plenty spoon holders for my silver spoons but this was another item years ago I always admired and never purchased and its an unusual shape for a spoon holder 
 Back before this phase of buying junk and rust I did like the pretty things for the kitchen and this spoon holder was one I always liked . I just had to put my rhinestone spoons in it for now.

Don't get me wrong I like the junk and rusty things even bought some of those this weekend at a salvage sale for myself to make a wall coat hanger. I have the perfect blue board and now the old chippy hooks.

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  1. Janice, I love the white pitcher. I had never seen a spoon holder like that. It is beautiful. Can't wait to see your blue board with hooks. Can't believe it has been a year since your trip to Medjugorje. Have another wonderful day!

  2. Beautiful treasures, and such a thrifty deal too.

  3. Darling pieces Janice! You have that "gifted eye" or 2 eyes! Ha!

  4. what pretty finds! Love seeing all your pretty treasures! Eye candy!

  5. Love the dresser jar and white pitcher.

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