Saturday, March 5, 2016

Studio Projects

I am sooo happy we are going to have a sunny weekend.When the sun is out I can work up a storm however on raining cloudy cold days I just eat and watch TV, really .
First thing this morning while throwing my sheets in laundry which is next room from the studio I started getting some white fabric material out to start on my fabric book like Laurie at Indulge Yourself  makes.
I am sure she spends a lot more time on hers than I will.
I have some materials I have got at different sales that I am going to use. I have wanted to do this I bet 3 years LOL

This white eyelet material I think is for the ends of pillowcases or sheets, I bought about 20 yards for $10 at a yard sale once.It is so pretty. Then I will use my pearly J I got at Joann's or Michaels once
 This is a beautiful piece of white material with metal threads I got at an estate sale of an artist once. This was a beautiful blouse however to small for me but I wanted the material for projects. Hope you can see the shiny threads.
 My studio is on the east side of my house and early morning it is so cheery and bright like this piece of material that will be a page in my fabric book
 Then we have to have white buttons right? I bought an old ladies 1940's hat at last city indoor yard sale and have picked her cream colored flowers off to use also
 Also I will trim some pages with this fancy lace trim that has been in one of my lace boxes for years

                Little glass buttons in glass bowl                                                      

Have a great sunny weekend 
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  1. Have fun playing in your studio today. I'm looking forward to seeing your book. Those fabrics are beautiful.

  2. Dear Janet:
    What lovely photos of beautiful textiles, buttons and trims! I love the overall Shabby Chic look they make. I hope you will link this to my Monday party. Janice - we hope to leave on the 17th. My husband is still painting, staining woodwork and this Monday the granite counters come. The carpet was the biggest mess you can believe - an embarrassing amount of dirt under the old. To keep it to a 1 day job, Keith and I vacumned for hours. They would have done it but probably not as good of a job and it would have taken 2 days. Have a great weekend.

  3. Such pretty lace and buttons! Would love to see the finished book!

  4. Some good stuff here. I have bought cheap wedding dresses at Good Will for trimming things. I did scrap books for all my grands one year for Christmas and they loved them, even the boys. Used pictures of them and all kinds of related things they like. Wish the sun was shining in Central Ky. today.

  5. After a long winter, sunshine and warmth do so much to energize us and make us creative! Love the glass buttons.

  6. So lovely, pretty lace. Enjoy the longer days and sunshine.. Blessings Francine.

  7. I love all your laces and buttons and pretties. I made a lace book and sewed special buttons on the pages for safe keeping and enjoying. Embracing Creative Bliss...

  8. Your book will be absolutely gorgeous with all of that beautiful lace and buttons.


  9. Can't wait to see it I'm sure it will be beautiful! xo Kathleen

  10. I am eager to see the finished book. You have lovely fabrics, laces and buttons to make an outstanding book. I also buy clothing just to use the fabric for something. It is sunny here in Puerto Rico almost every day. Not sure that makes me want to do things every day though. LOL Have fun making your book and hope to see it soon. Blessings

  11. Nice looking post Janice, very pretty. Love the eyelet fabric. Your buttons are fun too. I got a small antique sewing basket full of black glass buttons and some others today. I'll show you next time I see you and get your opinion on the "others". :)
    Hope you had a good day today. Talk to you soon!

  12. So many lovely pieces to use to make your book! Oh what fun you must be having. Enjoy and then share the result!! Blessings, Cindy xo

  13. Anxious to see the finished project! Beautiful lace!

  14. Looking forward to your book!!

  15. Oh you have picked some gorgeous elements! It's going to be so lush!

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