Saturday, October 17, 2015

Pink Saturday Pictures

 While I'm waiting on the sun to come out thought I would do a quick post for Pink Saturday. I was looking back through some pictures I found in my photo storage and found some pretty pink transferware plates I always liked .

I picked these up at a flea market for $1.00 each. What were you doing these different years on the plates?

Some of you younger girls wasn't probably born yet ? LOL 
AND then here is my pink chair I painted for my studio 

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  1. I love those plates, they're unique and a steal...for a $1!!! I was graduating from HS in 1969 in Woodside, Queens. Love the calico one too and of course, that pretty chair!

  2. I love your calendar dishes...I've never seen these before!!! That pink chair is to die for! Have a great weekend!!!

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  4. Lol!! Now we have to remember what we wrote (what goofballs!!) ANYway...
    Always have love old calendars....for some reason I always check what day my birthday was on lol!! Too cute...and GREAT price for sure! The chair looks super cute...hope you'll be sharing the picture of it in your studio now :)
    Have a great weekend Janice!
    Kalra & Karrie

  5. Janice,
    hope this isn't a double, after I published my comment, it went to google and I had to sign in and then it came back to this! Love your pink calendar plates, what a great color! Your pink chair is adorable!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. If I lived next door to you, I'd arm wrestle you for those amazing pink dishes...
    and the pink chair is sooo fun.

  7. Love those pink calendar plates ( I believe they are Currier and Ives prints) they would look fantastic hung on a wall!. Your pink chair is soooo cute. Did you pint the fabric also? Have a lovely week ~ Mickie.

  8. Oh, it would be wonderful to have a set of calendar plates to use. They are marvelous for their landscapes, graphics, memories!

  9. Those plates are really neat. I have not seen them before. And I remember both of those years very well {wink}!

  10. By 1969 I had 2 toddlers, by 1980 had just had a 3rd child! Pretty pink plates!

    1. we were almost on same track , I had 2 toddlers by 1969 and 3rd one 1975
      that was ruff LOL

  11. I missed Pink Saturday this week, but glad I didn't miss your post. I have a few plates like this, one each for the years my kids were born. I was especially interested in your 1969 plate as my oldest was born that year!

  12. The plates were a fun find. Let's see, in 1969 I had recently graduated from the university and began teaching. ;-)

  13. Those are beautiful! I love those pink calendar plates. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Love the dishes and the chair! What fun to try and remember what you were doing during those years as you look through the plates. Quite a wide variety of years there, too - from 1969 (when I was probably in second grade) to 1980 (when I was a year away from graduating high school). It sounds like you got them at a great price, too!