Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Pumpkin Day

Two of my pumpkins for Halloween

Have a fun day 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Story Time

I know just about everybody in blog land is playing with their Halloween decorations.Since my kids are out of the nest I usually don't do anything but bring my large Longaberger Pumpkin basket up to the kitchen and I'm too tired to go take a picture of it right now.

I went to a yard sale last Saturday, it was a gal going out of business selling all her vintage items anyway I bought 39 pink mercury ball shiny brite balls and they are all a beautiful faded pink for 20 cents each!


I got this tiny tiny gold cross pin on a little piece of cardboard  for 10 cents,that is a vintage clip earring laying beside it to compare the size

Now I have a story to tell .

One of my grandsons came over for a visit early this week ,and he said Grandma is there something I can do to help you.So we went out front and cleaned a flower bed. He said Grandma I know who I am going to marry ! I said you do ?!!  Yes ! he said her name is Eden . He said he ask her and she accepted with two stipulations. One that she can finish law school after they are married ,he said he agreed that wasn.t a problem.Also she wants a pug dog and a chow chow dog and he said he wanted that also. I said does your Mom & Dad  know this girl. He said yes they know Eden and her family. 

Below is some projects i'm working on. I know it's not Halloween yet . But I play with my Christmas decorations year long.

Now Samuel is 8 years old !!LOL my Grandson 
Samuel made me this sweet pumpkin in his art class, it's a little bitty one , small as a tea cup, he says it's winking at me .The little top removes 

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Pink Saturday Pictures

 While I'm waiting on the sun to come out thought I would do a quick post for Pink Saturday. I was looking back through some pictures I found in my photo storage and found some pretty pink transferware plates I always liked .

I picked these up at a flea market for $1.00 each. What were you doing these different years on the plates?

Some of you younger girls wasn't probably born yet ? LOL 
AND then here is my pink chair I painted for my studio 

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Wall Addition

I found a new resale shop in town and had to go check it out. It has old painting, furniture unpainted LOL, designer purses, dishes, and clothing.
I spotted an antique sewing cabinet I wanted however was strong and resisted. I did spot these pretty gold florentine pieces that I had envisioned on the front of a white painted piece of furniture.I was going to paint these white also then add to the chest.They were both $5.99.


Then I noticed an empty gold frame on my gallery wall and decided to put them there until I have the strength to paint furniture. I am still tired from my trip to Bosnia,soon as I got back I had company everyday then had to go to work. So today is my day to rest.
This is the empty frame nothing special however empty

 I have space for one more gold frame on this wall

A quick view of my, yes still red wall. I like the red wall with all the gold frames and wall sconces. Minus the jeans laying across my leather chair I thought I need to try these on see if I can still wear them I'v gained so much weight just this last year. LOL You can see one of my goldfish swimming up my wall I have two on this wall and purchased them in Savannah Georgia on a trip there. I have posted about this all before


I know its early but I am going to go lay down and read a new book I purchased on my trip 

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Beautiful Trip to Bosnia

Well I am back and I think rested after 24 hours on 4 planes back from Medjugorje. We went by tour bus to Split Croatia which is a beautiful city on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. We flew from Split Croatia to Zagard Croatia then to Paris France then to Philadelphia Pennsylvania then to Kansas City after our flight was delayed due to the rain and Hurricane. My friend and I spent the night at my sisters in Kansas City area before we drove home Friday afternoon. I stayed awake till 7pm then crashed LOL
This is me at the Wall City in Dubrovnik Croatia about a 2 hour drive from Medjugorje Bosnia- Hercegovina


This was exciting crossing the Boarder into Bosnia at first of the trip which took 1 hour 45 minutes due to long line of tour buses and cars, they checked each passport of course
It was raining you can tell

This is me on Apparition Hill where The Blessed Mother Mary first appeared to the 6 village teenagers back in 1981 and still appears

It was very hard climbing up the hill seemed to me 2 miles ,I also climbed Cross Mountain where the village people back in 1933 built this huge White Cross over looking the Village of Medjugorje and use to have Mass up there they prayed to God the horrible hail storms would stop because of their crops being damages with the bad storms. The Hail Stopped !

Pope John Paul II shoes, left to Mirjana as a gift he use to visit Medjugorje often . These are in her home in a glass case 

I had just gotten down the mountain when we had to get back to our place where I was staying which was Mirjana's (visionaries)house because she was going to meet with us. I even got my picture with her even though I was sweaty and every bone in my body was hurting after such a hard climb up Cross Mountain. I kept my sunglasses on because I didn't put makeup on that morning due to being told how hard a climb it was and it was very hot and humid that morning

I was thrilled she hugged me , that is my friend Anna taking a picture she is from Columbia Missouri also. The lady who took us is a Bosnian lady her husband is from Split Croatia. Because of our guide knowing Mirjana is why we had such a blessed special tour

These pictures are in the Walled City in Dubrovnik Croatia

This Catholic Church was built in 295 AD

 We had a very short stay in Paris however I managed to purchase me a couple souvenirs

Salt and Pepper shakers shaped like the famous Eiffel Tower
A cute Change purse which I am caring my Rosary in and of course a kitchen magnet
  I know this was a long post however first and last time I will be taking this trip it took over 24 hours and 4 planes changes and 5 passport checks to get home

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