Wednesday, March 25, 2015

One Adventure

Hi all

One of my adventures while on break was going to Clarksville Missouri to visit Richard at the historical Cottrell / Elgin Cottrell Mansion.

I want you to look at Gina's blog Victorian Wanna Be to see one of my vacation adventures, Gina drove and we had such a good visit on our day trip.
Gina took lots of fun wonderful  pictures and so did Richard. he  posted on his facebook page also.

This is just an old 1800 sugar bowl  of mine I had to get in picture on my blog it is from the era of his mansion 1850's.
I am falling back in love with the Victorian years

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Taking a Break

 It's almost spring break for the University here so it's a good time for me to take a break ,while i'm looking for a new adventure in my life.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I'm in the studio making piles of items I am going to take outside and paint White. I have several things I think will make the studio look better if painted white.
Our weather has been so nice for the last few days and it's time to get outside with my paint.
I'll take before and after pictures once I decide what i'm painting. One thing is a utility shelf item with about 20 little drawers and it's looks like it came from the big home improvement stores for guys to puts their screws in,however it's grey and yellow and full of some vintage buttons. So that is first on the list also a doll, cabinet and a desk.

Just thought I would show my pretty hair roller cover upper from back in the day, this is one of my studio cloth chairs I painted a couple years ago that could use a fresh coat of paint                                                                        

These items already went through the paint line. This chair is a Martha Stewart Windsor chair that wasn't worth the money I paid for this set of 4 chairs,two of the chairs have already broke down and have been trashed. I bought them years ago at K-Mart when she first started selling her wares there. What I wanted to show is the carrier tray type thingie 
 Guess I best get busy 

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Before and After Dish Cabinet

Like I said before I wanted to paint the inside of this cabinet now for about two years I seen this color in another cabinet once and loved it.

  what my shabby chippy chic farmhouse cabinet looked like inside

                        This was my clutter before                                                
And here is what the top looked liked all piled up with treasures

I took so many pictures it was hard to decide which ones to show
so this is the inside after I painted it . I just Looovee this color LOL 

Now after the paint dried. it dried very quick, andI got Some of my dishes back in it this morning

Oh didn't you hate to see Downton Abby end last night? 

I'm going to show lots pictures since I am so glad this project is finally done. I still have some of my blue calico dishes in my kitchen cabinet and over my kitchen  window on shelves 

I din't put all my odds and ends back into the cabinet just my Staffordshire Blue Calico dishes 

I don't know what to do with my extras like my spoon holders and other plates, guess i'll put them in a box in my storage room downstairs? I'll put the spoon holders on my counter 

I just think my dishes POP now against the Bird of Paradise  bright coral color I choose. I started collecting this pattern back in 1981 and add to them when I find an odd piece I don't have, first seen therm in a Brides catalog abcak in 1975 and fell in love with them. 

Now to get the kitchen cleaned up and somehow get all this extra stuff put someplace all my cabinets and closets are full packed really. Notice I moved the little corner cabinet out that was standing beside this cabinet. Also I had several mirrors on the shelves and didn't put them back in .
I have my cups and saucers in this large jar since there is no room in the cabinet to set them.
Do you think I should cram them in the cabinet ? LOL

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Snow

 Hi there you all
I am taking pictures of the beautiful snow I got yesterday and this morning.
here are a few pictures walking around my back yard and a selfie at the end LOL
I love to play in the snow , one picture is of my neighborhood, my neighbor snow blowed my drive for me early this morning and it's covered again. The snow is to stop this afternoon.

                                             My Street                            
                                          My Patio table my blue glass looks so pretty on the pole

Chandelier in my Tree
                                          My  patio also my lace curtain tree which I hang curtains in
                                              Mirrors along my wood fence
                                         Boots in the snow
                                                    Tree limb over patio
                                                       My angel planter
                                                     My rusty cross
                                              Selfie LOL stay warm ya all and enjoy the day
Bless my heart I look funny LOL