Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I'm in the studio making piles of items I am going to take outside and paint White. I have several things I think will make the studio look better if painted white.
Our weather has been so nice for the last few days and it's time to get outside with my paint.
I'll take before and after pictures once I decide what i'm painting. One thing is a utility shelf item with about 20 little drawers and it's looks like it came from the big home improvement stores for guys to puts their screws in,however it's grey and yellow and full of some vintage buttons. So that is first on the list also a doll, cabinet and a desk.

Just thought I would show my pretty hair roller cover upper from back in the day, this is one of my studio cloth chairs I painted a couple years ago that could use a fresh coat of paint                                                                        

These items already went through the paint line. This chair is a Martha Stewart Windsor chair that wasn't worth the money I paid for this set of 4 chairs,two of the chairs have already broke down and have been trashed. I bought them years ago at K-Mart when she first started selling her wares there. What I wanted to show is the carrier tray type thingie 
 Guess I best get busy 

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  1. wooo hooo!!! love it when it's not only time to PAINT (because it's warm enough!!) and that it's WHITE ~ easiest to sell (even though we love color!) Enjoy yourself...wish we could bring our stuff over to do with ya...still a little cold here to paint...but sooooooon!!!!

  2. I like the white tote. Is it for sale?

  3. I am anxious to paint, too. That white chair looks great and I can't tell it needs to be freshened from the pictures. Cute magazine stand, too. I remember those Curler xo Diana

  4. I love your curler cover. I do remember them, they sort of looked like hats. Good white paint jobs. I liked when Martha sold stuff at K-mart. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. I have not painted anything recently. Have a couple of pieces but need good weather.

  6. I remember my mother having a similar roller cover and me begging her not to wear it when she picked me up at school! LOL Thanks for linking to the Share You Style party.

    1. yes I remember those huge curly caps also you could definitely tell when a lady of the house had her hair in curlers LOL

  7. Loving the sunshine and beautiful days we've been having. I need to to do some painting too.
    Mary Alice

  8. I have a lot of things that needs paint. Trust to get in the mood do it soon as the weather gets nicer.

  9. I love any furniture practically painted white. However my husband is a skilled woodworker and doesn't want much painted.