Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Snow

 Hi there you all
I am taking pictures of the beautiful snow I got yesterday and this morning.
here are a few pictures walking around my back yard and a selfie at the end LOL
I love to play in the snow , one picture is of my neighborhood, my neighbor snow blowed my drive for me early this morning and it's covered again. The snow is to stop this afternoon.

                                             My Street                            
                                          My Patio table my blue glass looks so pretty on the pole

Chandelier in my Tree
                                          My  patio also my lace curtain tree which I hang curtains in
                                              Mirrors along my wood fence
                                         Boots in the snow
                                                    Tree limb over patio
                                                       My angel planter
                                                     My rusty cross
                                              Selfie LOL stay warm ya all and enjoy the day
Bless my heart I look funny LOL


  1. That fluffy snow is so beautiful. Nice to see you!

  2. Bless your heart, Janice. You look darling in your leopard hat!
    You have lots of snow....and we have lots of COLD COLD temps. xo Diana

  3. Hi Janice, it looks like you have more snow then we have over here! I'm jealous, can I come over and get some of yours? lol
    I didn't know you could leave mirrors out in the snow, I figured they would break from the coldness.
    Stay warm!

  4. Love your winter wonderland and especially love your hat!

  5. Love your cute winter hat. That is a lot of snow...we had about 9 inches here in central Indiana....just yucky to me what with spring so very near. LOL. I spotted the blue glass right away. it is pretty. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  6. we all might complain about winter but at least the snow is beautiful

  7. Looks similar here, except I don't have that cute leopard hat!

  8. The snow pictures are beautiful and I love your selfie.
    Stay warm.....

  9. I just happened to find your blog, I'm not sure how...I just kinda got here! I have to tell you that snow covered chandelier in your tree is one of the most magnificent photos I have ever seen! It's gorgeous. That was a once in a lifetime opportunity and you seized it while it was it was beautifully ripe! Must tell you, I noticed you live in Clarksville. Have passed through there a couple of times while driving We live in Columbia, MO, my husband is from a small town west of Hannibal, his sister and family are in a "tiny dot" town outside of Kirksville and my parents and rest of my family are in Chesterfield, MO. Thanks for sharing the photo, what a treat!

  10. The garden in snow is like a magical world. I especially admire the angel hoisting a tray full of snow over his head. That alone is a wonderful reason to put statuary in the garden!