Friday, February 27, 2015

Update on Pure Lard

 My local  friend Gina wanted to know where I placed my new Pure Lard slab and what  I put on it so here is a few new pictures after I moved it around the kitchen.
Oh Janice,
I thought you were going to show us what you decided to put on the lard slab! Put that bucket on it, cute!!
Have a great day!
First I moved it over across from my kitchen table on an old dresser I painted yellow which has a black marble top. I thought that would bring out the black on the slab etc. I also have a large mirror propped up on the back of the dresser.


I added a few different items on it like the black and white toile pattern coffee cup and put some of my silver and mother of pearl spoons in it.

 I am looking for a pretty pig to set on the lard slab LOL . I will set my bucket  full of Roses ,from my previous post, on it sometimes

 I love my old mother of pearl handle knives , I always thought I had found gold when I would find one I could afford. They use to be outrageously expensive for a frugal girl to buy.
I am sure I will be changing this up often. I am going to repaint this dresser soon as I can decide which color i'll be painting it next, probably a chalk white

Below is what I had it it before the rearrange.I took these picture at night and my little sony camera doesn't have a big flash so pictures are somewhat dark 

Yes I still had Christmas candy in the tall glass jar LOL 

It''s suppose to snow all weekend here so i'm cooking Chicken Enchilada's and maybe painting the inside of my dish cabinet

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  1. I love all the black & white on your Lard tray - the tray, cow, toile mug, the tea tin, the MOP knives. I spy a Community Sivlerplate tomato server on the left side in the vintage pattern that my mother once had! I managed to get my hands on a 6 place setting of the flatware, but only a couple serving utensils.
    Rita C at Panoply

  2. Love those old pearl handled silverware, too!
    What a fun post..and when I saw the word lard it made me think of my mother who would not bake a thing with a crust unless she used LARD. Happy Friday- xo Diana

  3. Good Afternoon Janice, How fabulous to find a Lard tray, I have not seen one for years. I remember, Phyllis, my mother, swore by using lard to make the perfect crispy pastry. It sounds like my mother was the same as Diana's even though they lived miles apart, they agreed on the use of lard.
    Your silver mother of pearl spoons look delightful. You really do have some wonderful things.
    Stay warm and cosy this weekend and if you decide to paint your chest, have fun.
    Best wishes to you.

  4. Hi Janice,
    That's funny you used my comment on your post! I can tell you are having so much fun with that lard slab, it looks good with the pearl handled silverware in those pieces. Yes, you really do need a cute pink pig to put on there! :)
    Let me know if you are busy during Spring Break, if not maybe we can plan a day and go visit Richard.
    Have a good day!

  5. The Lard slab is gorgeous and I love the items you have put on it. Lovely vignette. Those pearl handled knives are beautiful. I don't see many of them.


  6. Hi Janice, love the lard slab, and the arrangement you've created. The pearl handled silverware is lovely.