Tuesday, October 28, 2014


OMGosh I am wore out I have been washing windows inside and out. I do this right before cold weather every year ( well maybe not every year)  so I can see the beautiful snow fall while setting in my home office on the computer reading blogs.
I am so happy however my back sure hurts not that you want to know that. A friend said hire someone to clean all your windows,sorry don't have the money for such a thing I need to save my money for traveling around like Savannah Georgia and New York City LOL.

I was outside taking pictures of a few things thinking about putting in my etsy shop.I had glitter in these vintage milk glass shakers so emptied the glitter in other shakers I have in the studio.


                                                         While I was outside I also cut down my beautiful elephant ears its suppose to be down in the 30's this week and not sure I wanted to deal with it after the nights I get home from work.This is a drawer pull got it's  last coat of white  paint on it.Remember it was silver once.


Then from white paint to black paint. I painted these little childs white high top shoes Black. I wasn't through with them I  had to sprinkle some glitter on them while I was emptying the shaker LOL don't think I'm crazy LOL just experimenting I guess . It dried very well then I cut up an old black and white ribbon for ties for the little shoes. I left the soles natural they even have a little old dirt on the bottoms .

I wanted to add little bells on the ties however not sure where they are in the studio so I found these hearts in a box of belt buckles so used them .

I gotta go I still have a list of things to get done on my day off today.
Thanks for reading my blog and enjoying it enough to leave comments I don't say that enough.
You know this is my entertainment ? 

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fancy Spoons

I have really been in the mood to create or at least play in my messed up studio meaning I  don't have all my furniture back in place from the flash flood a month ago.
It is a wreck, however I still know where everything is LOL. I painted a few drawer pulls white and a little iron shoe. I am going to use the little iron shoe cobbler on a stack of books like a paper weight and put the drawer pulls in my etsy shop.


Then I wanted to make some glitter spoons, I used some of my Martha beads on one spoon which is not finished yet. I used some silver glitter on one spoon and some of my white buttons on another spoon.

I love this antique metal and silk button I tied on the cotton lace . This was a state spoon and has a ornate top. Now I wished I had spray painted my spoons white I can still do this with some more spoons I have. No Problem 

This is a large serving spoon full of buttons and rhinestones and tiny pearls . I think this would have been pretty painted white . I need a new camera one with a better flash than my little Sony this spoon is much prettier than the picture
I added another round hollow metal button to this lace ribbon . All these buttons are glued in with E6000

More to finish ,you can see the turquoise beads in the spoon on far left with the earring glued to the top of the spoon

The two I have finished. I call this self entertainment 
Thanks for looking I do appreciate it xoxo LOL

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Last Chair Painted

OK I might as well show the blue chair also since I have flaunted the pink chair I painted LOL
I painted this chair same way  I used a primer then latex blue paint that I had.
This has been 3-4 years ago and someone has set on this chair all that time. I use to have friends come over and play with me in my studio and they always set on  my painted chairs and like I said they have held up great. I also miss having friends day in the studio.

I took it outside for pictures my little camera does not have a good flash for inside pictures
 tried to get a close up of the seat 

You can see the pattern of the fabric here 

Now if I can do this anyone can I think I am just brave and don't worry if it works logically or not I just go for it 
It was a beautiful day here today sunny and warm I was outside a lot and really enjoyed staying home this nice day. I took lots pictures for my etsy shop and did a little playing in the studio on my next play project . I'll post pictures of my completed spoon project this week hopefully 

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Before and After Chairs

I had questions about my pink painted chair well this will be a short post sort of a tutorial

 This is the before picture of my pink chair when it was green and a blond wood
I used a white paint  primer and pink latex paint, I just kept painting in between layers till all the green was covered, some times if I remembered I used a very fine sandpaper because I had read to sand in between layers of paint on furniture.
 You can see another chair just like this one I painted all white, it's sitting behind the green chair

after primer and latex paint

I have another chair I am going to start on however after I paint it white I am using country life toile waverly material to cover seat and arms , I will eventually get a picture for you all to see.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sit Pink

It is fun to look around and see what all I have to do a post about pink since it's Pink Saturday over on How Sweet The Sound Blog
First thing I thought of was my pink chair that I painted a few years ago for my studio table


              Then of course I have lots little pink items  for vignettes on shelf in the studio. These adorable pink rhinestone clothespins I got at Michael's . I need to go get more because this is all I have left I have gave so many away to friends

I love pink ribbon paper or silk and have a shelf full of ribbons I'll just show some of the pink ones also my poke a dot duck tape


more pink among my treasures

This is a pin cushion I made of of very old fabric and a ironstone cream pitcher I may list this in my etsy shop it has 3 antique stick pins or hat pins in it 

I could go on and on with pink however this is enough pink pictures for one post 
The rain has finally stopped and I think I see the sun coming up 

Have a great weekend and enjoy this nice weather  however it was cool enough this morning I almost turned my furnace on , I resisted and put on a sweater 

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Fall Colors

I guess I have accepted fall is here. Since the big rain and thunder storms just went through here last 2 days it's cooler this morning and feels like fall anyway.
I am trying to rearrange a cabinet in my kitchen and want to display some of my brown and white transfer ware dishes.


I have a complete set of Portmeirion dishes I need to store in a closet to get my brown transferware dishes out . And why am I doing this since i'm in the mood to sell everything in my house and start a fresh? Well guess it gives me something to do in between working and traveling around to visit friends and family


I am planning on being home all weekend to get this project completed and take lots clothes I don't wear any more to a donation center.
I have these plans and you all know plans change and quick. If someone calls and says go with them someplace then i'm off and the dishes will still be waiting for me till another weekend LOL.
I just can't seem to get anything done in the evening after work and especially since it seems to be getting darker quicker. I am a sun person and when the sun is out I can work up a storm but when it's dark, well i'm done. 
Come on over and help me if your not busy this weekend 

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