Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fancy Spoons

I have really been in the mood to create or at least play in my messed up studio meaning I  don't have all my furniture back in place from the flash flood a month ago.
It is a wreck, however I still know where everything is LOL. I painted a few drawer pulls white and a little iron shoe. I am going to use the little iron shoe cobbler on a stack of books like a paper weight and put the drawer pulls in my etsy shop.


Then I wanted to make some glitter spoons, I used some of my Martha beads on one spoon which is not finished yet. I used some silver glitter on one spoon and some of my white buttons on another spoon.

I love this antique metal and silk button I tied on the cotton lace . This was a state spoon and has a ornate top. Now I wished I had spray painted my spoons white I can still do this with some more spoons I have. No Problem 

This is a large serving spoon full of buttons and rhinestones and tiny pearls . I think this would have been pretty painted white . I need a new camera one with a better flash than my little Sony this spoon is much prettier than the picture
I added another round hollow metal button to this lace ribbon . All these buttons are glued in with E6000

More to finish ,you can see the turquoise beads in the spoon on far left with the earring glued to the top of the spoon

The two I have finished. I call this self entertainment 
Thanks for looking I do appreciate it xoxo LOL

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  1. Those are some AWESOME spoons! I love all of them---glittered---buttoned---loved! You did a wonderful job- even if your craft area is not all put back together yet. xo Diana

  2. These are all so pretty, Janice! And don't feel craft area is always a mess and I have no excuse lol.

  3. My office is always messy and piled high with vintage finds but I don't have anything as pretty as your glitter and button spoons. Very pretty and unique!

  4. A spoon full of buttons - me and Mary Poppins approve!!

  5. It's not's CREATIVY! Love your pretty spoons! Blessings, Cecilia

  6. Oh wow Janice! How creative you are! The spoons are beautiful!
    Happy Sunday!

  7. I love what you did with the spoons! Lovely!

  8. Such Pretties!! I do love the painted hardware~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

  9. Trying again---this is about the fourth time that a comment never made it to your post. They're charming and so interesting, especially the buttons.

    And will the drawer pulls be on offer?