Friday, October 3, 2014

Fall Colors

I guess I have accepted fall is here. Since the big rain and thunder storms just went through here last 2 days it's cooler this morning and feels like fall anyway.
I am trying to rearrange a cabinet in my kitchen and want to display some of my brown and white transfer ware dishes.


I have a complete set of Portmeirion dishes I need to store in a closet to get my brown transferware dishes out . And why am I doing this since i'm in the mood to sell everything in my house and start a fresh? Well guess it gives me something to do in between working and traveling around to visit friends and family


I am planning on being home all weekend to get this project completed and take lots clothes I don't wear any more to a donation center.
I have these plans and you all know plans change and quick. If someone calls and says go with them someplace then i'm off and the dishes will still be waiting for me till another weekend LOL.
I just can't seem to get anything done in the evening after work and especially since it seems to be getting darker quicker. I am a sun person and when the sun is out I can work up a storm but when it's dark, well i'm done. 
Come on over and help me if your not busy this weekend 

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  1. Would love to help you but I'm just like you - when the sun goes down, the nightgown goes on and I'm in my chair. But, in the morning, I'm ready. Getting older doesn't help either.
    Love your transfer ware dishes - they would be great from now until Christmas.
    I pray that we do get Fall here in So CA - to darn hot here all this year.
    Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you get your project completed.

  2. I love these dishes ~ perfect for this time of year!

  3. Those are GORGEOUS transferware pieces! I love them!
    Happy closet cleaning- I have a whole load to go to a women's help center here. xo Diana

  4. I'm with you, I'm useless in the fall/winter! I do love fall, though. Those transferware pieces are gorgeous, I especially love the tureen.

  5. Always a chore to move dishes around. And so nice when iti s done. Love the transfer ware. Happy weekend, Linda

  6. Hi Janice! Do you want to go antiquing tomorrow?! Just kidding, I really can't but we need to do so sometime soon. I am busy in the a.m. but I could come later if you need help. :-)
    I like your transfer ware. It's perfect for Fall.

  7. Those are beautiful dishes!! I'm with you...When the sun goes down, so do I.


  8. Well, I think you have your priorities exactly right when you turn on a dime when the opportunity for some fun comes along! Good luck with the project but, as you said, they will be right there waiting for you if you don't.

  9. Beautiful pieces of transferware. I have a couple of browns I put out this time of year.
    I am sure you loved Richard's that he had in his laundry room when u visited the Cottrell House.

  10. Your brown transferware is perfect for fall ~ Love the color and patterns! Autumn is my favorite time of the year, but I do miss the long days of summer.

  11. The brown transferware makes me drool! I am like you -- I'd rather get out and do anything fun that stay home and work on what needs to be done. Life is too short!

  12. I love these gorgeous transferware pieces. Gorgeous collection!

  13. It will get done, a little at a time! I have ongoing projects all the time, usually more than one. But if someone wants to go out to lunch last minute, I am there! Your transfer ware is beautiful!

  14. Your transferware is so beautiful! You don't see a lot of the brown and white! I just love it. Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  15. Your transferware collection is gorgeous. These peaces are so elegant, love them.

  16. I get a second wind at night so would love to help if I could! Your transfer ware is gorgeous. I have a small collection of red, but just found my first brown piece. It's a small pitcher. Loving it for Fall! I'm like you, if someone calls, I'm off to have fun. Why not, Life's too short to not enjoy it! lol! Plus, like you say; it will all be waiting for us when we get home. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  17. I adore your brown transferware pieces - they are so pretty!

    We're getting lots of rain too and COOL temperatures...can hardly wait for the leaf colors changes to start popping out by mid-week!

  18. I'm the same way. I have lots of energy in the morning but when Iget home at night after work...yeah, not so much!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  19. I had to laugh at your 1st sentence - I have said the exact same thing a few times recently. I am a sun person too and by December I am practically in hibernation mode. Love the brown transfer ware! Best wishes with the purging of clothes - I just purged my craft room and my clothes closet - my car is piled high - now just to get it to the Goodwill!

  20. That brown transferware is beautiful! Thanks for sharing @ TTF.

  21. Must be nice to have several sets of tableware. Rotating them would be awesome! anyway, I am not a sun person, I lived in sun country too long. I am enjoying the rainy season that is just getting started. The cool weather invigorated me! Hope you get some help changing out your dishes!

  22. Must be nice to have several sets of tableware