Thursday, September 18, 2014


Hi guys

I'm back from my trip south and to southern Illinois for the 1964 graduating class of Mt Vernon Township High school.
I didn't graduate with this class however knew a few people from West Salem  grade school where we attended to together.My closest friend that we had planned to meet at this occasion died 2 years ago from pancreas cancer. I did meet up with her granddaughter who is a senior in high school there. We bonded a few years ago when I first started visiting Judy . We had lost contact with each other 50 years  ago after I moved away from our hometown. Anyway we found each other again about 4 years ago.
I have laughed about this before when I was younger I worked with a lady who was going to her 50 th high school reunion and I though OMGosh I didn't realize someone would live that long to be out of school 50 years LOL time can get away from you when you haven't been around or seen old friends for years and years

I have a picture of me and my friend Pat in my iphone and when I download pictures to my home computer they disappear out in cyber space ? I can't find them in the Pisca program? If I find them I'll post them . Darn technology or is it the vintage user of technology ( me ) ? LOL

This is me far right in hot pink and some gals from school

           Now what can I do with this pink depression old oil lamp base?

I think I'm going to try and do something wild like a steampunk  project . I have used it for a flower vase put water in the globe part and added cosmos and it was so pretty . I ran across this when I was cleaning off a shelf in the studio. It was buried behind other a lot of old vintage photos and paper fans.I am boxing up things for my next sale.

Anyway back to my story

I spent a couple of nights in Paducah Kentucky with my best friend . we have been friends even though it's been a long distance friendship for the last 40 years OMG has it been that long? 
We were pregnant at the same time and had out babies 16 hours apart ! We laughed how when we was pregnant we would look for vintage furniture stores and there was none back then. We was looking for nursery furniture in  1975
Now we buy Heidi Daus jewelry off HSN . She got me started buying this line of jewelry.
I called in on the testimonial line and spoke to Heidi Daus from the motel room last Saturday night LOL Pat was there also and I told Heidi about Pat being the one who loved her jewelry and she gave a shout out to Pat while we was on the air LOL it was soooo fun . We were in our motel room eating cheese cake and watching TV after we went out for a fabulous steak dinner downtown.

Anyway I had a great 4 days out visiting old friends and eating good food . When I cam back through St Louis I called a cousin however she was with her husband out ordering their new iphones and I missed her . She was my rich cousin from St Louis who when they use to come to Mt Vernon Illinois to visit my Aunt Lou always brought hand me down clothes and I loved it .

well this wasn't much about shabby chic cottage chic or any redo's but  I got started writing about my fun weekend and couldn't stop. 

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  1. I love your post! Congratulations of 50 years later. I am sorry for the loss of your friend but it's great her grand-daughter and you bonded well. Time does zoom by. I never thought of 50 year reunions when I was in school but I remember thinking 30 was old. Oh to be 30 again! This vintage technology user has many of the same problems as you so I can't be of any help. Did it go up into the Cloud? I hear lots of people have trouble with that, lol!

  2. Sounds like a fun time catching up with old friends.
    Thank you so much for your lovely visit.
    Mary Alice

  3. A good time was had by all. I don't go to family or school reunions. I'm scrooge. xo, olive

  4. Love that pic of you and your friends (you look great!) Glad you had a fun time :)

  5. cheese cake, steak and home shopping doesn't get much better than that!! You and the ladies in that picture are a great example that not only can you be out of school for 50 years......You look darn good too!!!


  6. Here in France we don't really have this kind of meeting, but it's look great. sorry for your friend. You look so nice in pink (you would be so beautiful too in shabby clothes... :) !
    xoxo from Paris


  7. You covered a lot of ground and saw many old/young friends.

  8. Wonderful post about catching up with old friends!
    ♥ Jil

  9. It sounds like a wonderful trip. Can't wait to see what you come up with from the lamp base!

  10. Hi Janice,
    So glad you had fun. That is so sweet that you have connected with your friend's grand-daughter, you two look alike! :) How cute!
    I missed you in Louisiana, I saw Richard and bought something from his booth at the antique mall.
    Have a great week,