Sunday, September 21, 2014

Big Jars

Hi again

I am dragging my tail just got back from Kansas City for the weekend. I had a good time just too much running around lately. I just get home unpack go to work pack again and off for another fun filled weekend.
I was invited back up to Kansas City next weekend I said I need to rest. I got to see 2 nieces and families I hadn't seen for a year. Then my favorite thing to do go shopping. I helped my sister pick out an entire winter wardrobe. It was getting late enough I needed to head home ,she wanted to go shoe shopping to match all her new clothes.

Anyway back to the jar thing. I have lots big jars I would like to spread around , like in another sale so hoping gals still want big jars for their studio treasures. I have kept buttons, metal drawer pulls, jewelry, all kinds of things in these  jars.

I have 3 bigger jars full of old thread spools and have used lots  of spools on projects seems like I need to share these also.I have distributed lots of things to others and still have the studio packed with goodies and treasures 

I know some gals sell large things like this in their etsy shops however the postage is higher than the price of these items, I guess if the person is willing to pay $14 to mail a large jar maybe I should list them? 

I took these pictures Friday before I left I just love little hens and chickens in my old Mary Jane shoes 

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  1. You might try listing the jars on Etsy ~ I've had good luck listing breakables and find that if someone wants something, they'll pay for the (expensive) shipping! Love your garden with the Mary Janes!

  2. I have family in Kansas City but have never been. I do hope you can sell these on Etsy. So many people love to collect sewing items.

    Jane xx

  3. My hubby is from KC. haven't been back there for quite a few years, although he has, for a funeral. ugh! anyway, love the plaza! Honeymooned there quite a few years ago! Love the lights!

  4. Don't we just love our fun weekends..but seems with laundry, work etc it takes the fun out of it when we get back. Great jars!

  5. I love big vintage jars too and find them hard to resist. So handy and great looking. I'll be giving some away at Christmas. I would love a shopping trip to Kansas City! (Yes, time to dig out your brown transferware.) Happy fall!

  6. Love your vintage jars. I have a few full of magnolia pods and a ribbon tied just under the them!

  7. I'd try to list them...if they really want it ~ they'll pay!!! LOVE LOVE the shoe....too cute :) Have a super weekend!
    Karla & Karrie

  8. list them! Big jars never go out of style - and they make such great storage. I use them to hold flour and sugar on the counter. Have fun on your next trip and thanks for sharing your treasures!
    big hug