Sunday, August 17, 2014


As you do I love vintage lace and have a couple old suit cases and a couple hat boxes full of old lace I have picked up at auctions years ago. It is so much easier now days to go to an estate sale or resale store to find treasures. Years ago it was an all day chore to stand 8 to 10 hours waiting on a special item you wanted and then it went for 3 times what you was willing to pay for it. I remember I wanted a dress form mannequin and thought I would bid  as high as $150 and it went for over $300 and people was shocked. This was a small town auction but two of us wanted it real bad for our studios anyway I did LOL  She had a wire skirt also just beautiful she was .


I am going through all of my lace and going to part with some of it for my etsy shop. It's hard to decide and how much. I don't know if gals wants little pieces or a yard ? What would you want the length to be in lace you were going to purchase? Me I wanted it all any length LOL


I have more lace than I will ever use on any of my projects so will share it 

I didn't open the little cardboard suitcases yet to show what is in them however I will .
I have cotton and nylon lace

It is all just beautiful  I already listed some vintage pom pom fringe trim in my shop 

Isn't this vintage crochet trim wonderful? 

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  1. I could jump right in to those photos!

  2. Makes me think of my Mom, she always had lace scraps to make things out of. Almost bought some yesterday at the Belleville Flea Market.

  3. I'd rather buy lace in yardage than in smaller pieces. It always seems to take more lace than you plan on to edge a pillow, a garment, etc.

  4. You had me at lace!! I love it too, I like to buy long yardage, but I am sure there is a lot of people that use it for card making and would love bits and pieces


  5. Oh I love the lace! I just can't find any these days. I guess people are holding on to these lovelies.

  6. Love the lace. So pretty. The crochet trim is pretty neat too. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  7. Squeal and shriek! Can I just roll around in all that gorgeous lace?

  8. What a wonderful space. The attention to detail is just glorious.

  9. Your lace and vintage crochet are gorgeous.