Thursday, August 14, 2014


I just love pretty wrapping paper beautiful cards any vintage advertising cards.I have drawers full of papers that I have hoarded that I think is just to pretty to throw away ,
I am going through lots of it and making a box of papers to sell for any one making journals or greeting cards etc. The more I look at it the more I love it .
This is just a couple of paper things which I'm sure any studio gal has or is looking for . This is some paper place mats I found at a local kitchen gadget store . I used with some of red  & white transferware plates

This is a book I purchased and love it. It has the most amazing items all made out of paper of course . I have a metal shopping cart full of beautiful hallmark toile wrapping paper , also a roll of white flocked wall paper I bought years ago maybe 19 , I bought it to make cards out of however it's to stiff. It is the kind that looks like old ceiling tile in old general stores back in the 1800's


Paper dress out of this book

These are some paper dolls peeking out from a cabinet crammed with other vintage treasures

I know today everyone is posting pictures about painted furniture and all their redos which I love however I think I only have one more well maybe two more furniture items to paint then i'm done ? 

Today I am just cruising  the studio of things I like and paper is on the list 

linky parties I like 


  1. Very nice! I love that you love paper!

  2. Janice, I love Vintage paper too. I think your place setting is so lovely. I am always drawn to Vintage valentines and greeting cards too :)

  3. Amazing paper treasures and I would "hoard" them too and be reluctant to actually use them.

  4. oh my gosh...I LOVE Isabelle's creations! I got that book a couple of years ago for our friend's daughter who was going into Fashion Design....and it was hard parting with it once I started going through it lol!! I follow her on Facebook as many cool things that she does :)

  5. Interesting sights, specially the lady in her unusual dress.

  6. Oh, my all time favorite style. I love your Paper dress. I've read several articles about their beautiful work. Thank you for such an inspiring, interesting post.
    Interior Design

  7. A place mat of a different nature, for sure.
    Here from Pink Sat.