Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Girls and guys I am back from New York City and OMGOSH I loved every day of my stay.
I stayed on Long Island with a new family member and I love Terry also she was the best hostess I have ever had .xoxoxo
Can you believe she doesn't read blogs? I told her she is missing out on all our fun of show and tell.
I have so many pictures I don't know which ones to show. I loved the shopping on 5th Ave in Midtown. Went to Macy s , Dior, Tiffany's, Louis Vuitton, Versace,Prada holding onto my heart as it beats so fast !!!!LOL. Oh went to the Hampton's . My favorite was Louis Vuitton and I bought a new bag it arrived today. I had it mailed home since i new I couldn't handle that box on the plane with my carry on and bag I was carrying.

Times Square


First night I was there we had a dinner party out on the deck and not the deck next to the pool off the TV room neighbors came over to meet me and . I loved the pool(of course) we was so busy running around we only went in 2 nights because it was after dark when we came home from the city,
We took the long Island Railroad in one day and she drove in all the other days

My welcome committee and My special cake she had made for me


      The cake says Welcome to New York Janice !!!!!! wasn't that sweet of Terry to have me a cake made?


The gals who took me to Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.
Roma Terry s cousin, Terry, Lorene her neighbor and Miss Janice . I met her cousin Dolly also however her husband was in the hospital so couldn't tour with us. She did go to the Hampton's with us and Bay Shore .

Terry and me in Little Italy she took me to lunch at Da Gennaro ,it was fabulous 

Me at base of Statue of Liberty
I went to see Newesies a musical about 1920's new paper boys 

She was huge The Statue Of Liberty  I have heard people say oh it wasn't very large .
Me going into the Cake Boss Bakery, This is the afternoon we was going to the theatre. OMGosh and we at at La Rivnge a real French restaurant t was delicious , first time I ever had creme burlee. You have to get reservations in advance. 

The best ever Bakery I have ever ate pastry was Ferrara Bakery in Little Italy. I had a Lobster Tail pastry OMG !!!!!! melt in your mouth filled with a very tasty custard and shaped like a lobster tail that is why it's called that , delicious if you ever go to a italian bakery get one of course I had one at another bakery and it didn't even compare to the one in little Italy 

here we are in China town asked a man to take our picture.

I have much better pictures in my iphone and when I down load then on my computer they disappear can't find them ? I have picca for my iphone anybody who can help me ? 

Me in on the TOP of Empire State Building, my daughter said she could not believe I went up 

One last picture of my BIG purchase I have been saving for. Bought me a new Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 bag on 5th ave. I had it mailed home because of large box, it arrived today.
Be Still My Heart xoxoxoox

I seen  and went up in world trade center tower Freedom Tower, United Nations, Trump Tower, Central Park , Went to the Hampton's and Bay Shore, Port Jefferson on Long Island , toured The Vanderbilt summer cottage, a mansion 
lots more but can't remember all now. Like I said I have much better pictures in my cell phone 

Best vacation I have ever had, Thanks to Terry My host. She was born and raised in Brooklyn , moved to Long Island when she was in high school, her cousins live in Queens and Terry can drive and did just about everywhere we went. 
Oh I went to Montclaire New Jersey to visit her sister in law I met in Jamaica last year
I saved for a long time for this trip came home broke needless to say LOL

LINKY parties 

Ivy & Elephants 


  1. hometown is the forever gorgeous and amazing NYC! You were lucky to be there, hope I will go next year for our 40th anniversary. Thanks for all the lovely pics and post you shared! So nice you bloggy friends met too!

  2. WOWSERS! Sounds like you had an absolute BLAST. I haven't been to New York for a long time. Oh, that was great to have someone who lives there and knows all the great places to go.

    Thanks for sharing! So glad you had FUN. Your hostess sounded like the best! Susan

  3. Hi Janice! How exciting, it looks like you had a great time! How sweet to have a cake made just for you. You look so pretty in all of those photos! And how lucky to see Lady Liberty! Glad you made it home safely!

  4. Oh, what a trip of a lifetime!! So glad you had such an amazing time and such great hosts and tour guides!

  5. Welcome back. Looks like a blast. Thanks for sharing pics.

  6. Girl...let me first say that you look beautiful! Very classy and ready for NYC! And you went to all the great spots. Great friends...wonderful sightseeing, eating and shopping. I LOVE your bag! Sigh!

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics! :)

    Jane xx

  7. I'm an east coaster so I know how fun NYC really is! So glad you had a nice vacation.
    xo Kathleen

  8. What a wonderful trip - and you look fab in each photo. xx

  9. Hi Janice, WOW what a wonderful trip and your pics are great. You look so beautiful and I love your hair style. Looks like you enjoyed all the sights and times with a great hostess and friends. Love your new bag. Welcome back!!

  10. Janice,
    What a wonderful trip and that LV bag is so gorgeous. So sweet you had such a great time. I have never been to New York but want to go. Looks like a fabulous trip.

  11. Oh, Janice it sounds like so much fun! You look lovely in the pictures and so very happy! You have to find those pictures! LOVE that bag!

  12. O, this sounds like so much fun. I would LOVE to go there someday.
    You are adorable and look so cute in all your photos here...and...I am taking a photo of YOUR HAIR to my haircutter girl and show her what I want MY olden hair to look like.
    And that new bag...??? TO. DIE. FOR. Love it.

  13. Looks like you had a wonderful time - NY is a fantastic city to visit! Oh and that purse....Enjoy it!

  14. Sounds like you had a blast!! We have two children who live in Manhattan, and it's always fun to visit!
    Mary Alice

  15. Oh, I see you had a wonderful trip, nice places, nice people, nice food....perfect! I enjoyed watching your photos.
    Lovely bag!

  16. what a wonderful way to make happy memories. Thank you for sharing your trip with us. Hugs!

  17. Looks like a lovely pinky time in NYC - and I love The Newsies! There's a film of it starring Christian Bale. Blessings this Pink Saturday and thanks for the visit at The Writer's Reverie!

  18. Oh, wow! I am so happy for you. A trip to NYC has always been on my bucket list, so I will live vicariously through your trip photos. It all looks wonderful.

    Happy Pink Saturday. Thank you for sharing your cake with me.♥

  19. Hi Janice! So glad you had an awesome time in New York. It's been years since I've been there. It was nice to visit again through your pictures.

  20. Looks like a fantastic vacation - thanks for sharing!

  21. So happy I found your blog, Janice (from you leaving a comment on mine)! Isn't NY grand?! My daughter and SIL live in Manhattan and I love visiting:)

  22. Oh! And p.s. I'm your newest follower:)