Thursday, July 10, 2014

Chippy Chic

I have had these two shabby chic white chippy plant stands for some time now and still love them as much as the day I bought them at a resale shop. At the time I thought the price was way to much but bought them anyway. $25 each was the price. They are made of a heavy iron.
I have used them for all different storage ways. I set jars of buttons on them and jars of jewelry I was using for repurpose projects. Now I do have a large jade plant on one and an African violet on the other one setting in east windows in the studio.


This is all original chippy paint I haven't done anything to them but move them around as to where I want to use them 

I gave this pink flower pot to someone 

Doesn't she have pretty legs? 

have you been watching the news where the Missouri river is flooding all along it's banks coming from Chicago to St Louis and going on down the river ? 
Well Our Friend Richard Cotrell in Clarksville Missouri is having flood waters up to his front door and all along his side porches! I seen on facebook where a local person put pictures of Richards wonderful Historic House .
One night this week NBC news was in Clarksville showing the people sand bagging and water was knee deep in the streets already .
I am sure Richard had to move all his fabulous historic furniture up to the second floor of his house, if you have ever been in his house ? can you imagine moving all his treasures upstairs? I can't what a huge job 

I am going to be visiting with a friend a few days so  will be on break as we go site seeing and eating and shopping. I'll report back when we are finished and broke from all our shopping LOL

If you know Richard, or don't know him ,send him a card of encouragement or an email, he will get his mail at this address 
Richard Cottrell
Clarksville Mo 63336

Linky parties I joined in 


  1. I sure have been thinking of Richard and I saw his house on NBC with him walking in. Great idea to send him a card for encouragement. My friend that lives in Bowling Green said alot of people were going to help sandbag around his house.

    1. Ann I am so happy people are going to help Richard, he does so much for others in Clarksville Missouri
      His house is so fabulous I would hate to see it damaged by water

  2. I just clicked on the link and saw his blog.
    I will definitely send a letter of encouragement.
    I hate it when disaster hits so close to home.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. So sorry to hear about Richard, I'll stop by.
    Hope you have a fabulous time and don't report back until you spend every dime! LOL Love your chippy plant stands, the patina is killer!!!

  4. I don't think you paid too much at all. I couldn't have bought but one, but they are well worth it. Yes, love the chippy!

  5. Those plant stands are spectacular! Chippy, shabby goodness for sure. I'll bet you're happy now that you bought them! I can think of so many things I'd use them for.
    xo Kathleen

  6. Pretty plant stands. I see from your side bar that we enjoy a lot of the same things!

  7. Your plant stands are gorgeous! Have fun shopping!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  8. I love these decorating ideas. The designs are so vibrant and the view is so happy and cheerful.
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  9. so nice plants stands (they would suit very well with my chairs and table in my Parisian garden ! so sorry for your friend, must be so hard to be damaged by flood like that. Here in France we had a lot of problems like that too.