Friday, May 30, 2014

Blue Violin Bottles

I was up to Lexington Missouri over the weekend and went in Missouri River Antiques and spotted some glass violin bottles and I hadn't seen any of those for a few years maybe wasn't looking for any. I have 2 that I bought years ago and have hung unto them since they are my favorite color . I have them sitting in my east studio window so when the sun comes through well they are so pretty


I have my east windows full of cobalt blue and red bottles . Some are wine bottles and a few old Phillips Milk of Magnesia bottles,different bottles I bought water in just to get the bottle. really


I added a pearl collar and some beautiful lace around the neck of my last fancy bottle I decorated up with some blue rhinestones jewelry. A blogger left me a comment she needed something around her neck and I agree 

I need to get off to work this morning so will make this short and sweet . Happy Friday and have a great weekend. 
Thanks to some friends I have already sold lots of my pretty dishes I have been showing that I am putting in my next yard sale , just 2 weeks away and my kitchen has boxes setting every where now full of treasures to let go of. My cheese box sold also,Thanks Sue 

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Friday, May 23, 2014

My Frog

Last year when I went over to Vintage Hill Gardens a wonderful yard and  plant nursery also they have statuary.that is where I got my dancing girls flower pot anyway back to the frogs, I seen these cute frogs and wanted one however I had spent so much on flower and  statuaries and plants I passed on the frogs.
This is what she looked like after I painted her a pink crown

I also added glitter to her sweet crown. I have had a thing for frogs lately.


Before picture of her is below
Can you picture her without her pink crown with just a rusty crown?

Another pretty pink  picture of my peonies blooming now


I'll put her outside sitting on an old stone brick wall above my flower bed

Before picture found 

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Green is In

I check out QVC once in a while and have shopped for clothes this spring at my favorite stores well anyway did you know the color of the year is green? well it is and I look awful in green just not my color

Not that these little green depression glass cups have anything to do with QVC or shopping however they are the color of the year , green


At one time I had an entire old pie safe full of green depression glass dishes 
I just found these in a drawer, yes I put dishes in drawers of old chest and my high boy has lots dishes in it's drawers 

More little items for the next yard sale, my neighbor came over last night and we were discussing out next tentative date since I had to cancel because of my friend dying suddenly, hopefully in 2 weeks on a Tuesday , yes Tuesday we are both off Tuesday's , I had a sale once on a Tuesday and did good at distributing my treasures to others 

Oh one more thing I have a friend Lorene  in Port Charlotte Florida having her 100th birthday next month and I added some green glitter to her special birthday card I am mailing her .
She called me Saturday and said Janice don't forget my birthday and no way could I forget her birthday she is a active 100 year old still plays bridge xoxooxo Lorene

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cheese Box

Good morning one and all

I am still purging closets and shelves and had a sale scheduled for today however a friend passed away suddenly and her memorial service is today. I will plan on next week for the yard sale and the inside sale a week later,if I can get organized seems like the more I find the less I can get it organized to look presentable to show. Of course most of the gals coming over know me and will excuse the disorganization? LOL

This wood cheese box is 13 inch tall and the top is 15 1/2 inches across. I thought it would make a cute lamp table and of course great storage, I can see it painted also. I had sewing notions packed in it


I have it setting outside on my green bench at my front door to get good pictures, I dropped my camera and having trouble adjusting it again

I love my pink ribbon with the french writing on it , all I have done with it so far is move from one cabinet to another ,setting it beside pink dishes it looks wonderful.

Well I must get on with it ,thanks for stopping to hear my chatter 

Someone asked what I would sell this cheese box for ? how about $25.00

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

I have had a wonderful Mother's Day and hope all of you Mother's have also

Friday, May 9, 2014


Good Morning
I went with a neighbor this week over to Vintage Hills Farms which is the prettiest nursery around for 50 miles that I know of . I did a post a couple years ago about walking through it and showing all the pretty flowers to buy. It's along the river north if Boonville Missouri
What I like is the statuary they have  and I love the head vases for outside. I bought one of what I named Dancing Ladies

                          This is Shell Lady she is $160.00       (she is still there )                                    

This sweet gal was $140.00(she is still there ) the little half face setting besides her was $39.95  just lips I liked it and almost bought it a concrete pot but waiting till he gets more dancing lady pots in

I call her napping lady she was $140.00 (she is still there )

Here is my sweetie  I bought a couple years ago I named her Dancing Ladies and then I have a small round one to match that I had bought a couple years earlier when prices were not quit as high.
I think I paid $30, for the small one and $88.00 for the larger long dancing ladies, he ordered me another dancing ladies however price will be double I am expecting from 3 years ago .

This one is out in the back yard 

Then I love my head planters of Mr & Mrs I call them I am so anxious to get them all planted again for this spring . I am working out in my back flower beds every day to get them all dresses up all I need is mulch and will finished tomorrow I hope, Mrs has her pearls on 

Aren't  these sweet? I have 2 sets very similar,one set on my porch and the other out under the curtain tree on my patio .Do you like this kind of a flower pot or am I just attracted to heads?  I do enjoy working in my flower beds, have a good weekend 

If I can get someone to carry my little cupid babies in my kitchen they are going on my bar 

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Thursday, May 1, 2014


I was in the studio playing and trying make a bird bath out of lots of glass vases and plates you probably have seen them on some blogs, I had my E6000 cement glue and ready to work when I looked up at a certain shelf and thought I wanted to rearrange it by putting all my dolls together or some of them anyway


This was what was sitting on top of a little white shabby chic desk which I like it this way however I wanted my Santos and fancy lady and my clown doll all together they were all over the studio on different pieces of furniture by themselves

                                              This a few more do da's on my little desk

I need to be pricing things for my yard sale and this Saturday I want to run around all day to certain events going on.I'll get it done in time ?

A peek at some mother of pearl and glass buttons in glass cigar tubes which a man at a cigar shop gives me when I need some.Isn't he nice?

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