Monday, May 19, 2014

Green is In

I check out QVC once in a while and have shopped for clothes this spring at my favorite stores well anyway did you know the color of the year is green? well it is and I look awful in green just not my color

Not that these little green depression glass cups have anything to do with QVC or shopping however they are the color of the year , green


At one time I had an entire old pie safe full of green depression glass dishes 
I just found these in a drawer, yes I put dishes in drawers of old chest and my high boy has lots dishes in it's drawers 

More little items for the next yard sale, my neighbor came over last night and we were discussing out next tentative date since I had to cancel because of my friend dying suddenly, hopefully in 2 weeks on a Tuesday , yes Tuesday we are both off Tuesday's , I had a sale once on a Tuesday and did good at distributing my treasures to others 

Oh one more thing I have a friend Lorene  in Port Charlotte Florida having her 100th birthday next month and I added some green glitter to her special birthday card I am mailing her .
She called me Saturday and said Janice don't forget my birthday and no way could I forget her birthday she is a active 100 year old still plays bridge xoxooxo Lorene

Linky parties I am joining 


  1. How lovely and reminiscent of parties of another time. I always love your beautiful collections of the "old colors" and patterns. They always give the comfort and welcome of a cozy time at Grandma's house, or perhaps an elegant country weekend at a friend's..

    I'm not a wearing-of-the-green person, either, except for some of the pale grey-green sages, and just posted a silly thought on my blog about green yesterday.

    I wonder why, if green is the color-to-wear this year, does the lady in the emerald-green satin dress always look as if she got the bad seat in the limo.


  2. Boy, I LOVE the green of those cups...I have the old standard amber colored set from my Grandmother. Happy Birthday to your dear friend - 100 years!!!!! Happy Monday - hope your week leads to some fabulous finds! XOXO

  3. I have a green cake plate to go with your cups. If my daughter cannot get a job this summer we may clean this house and have an enormous yard sale with her being in charge of it. Have a terrific week, olive

  4. I'd never heard before about green being the color to wear, but I love green. I think it's because our winters up here are so long that when we finally get to see green again, it's such a joy. I'm not fond of pink Depression glass, but I love the green Depression glass. Such pretty cups!

  5. So pretty! I have some green dishes from my great aunt...very special to me :)

  6. I love that shade of green in those dishes.

  7. Well if green is the color of the year- then I am finally in VOGUE! Green is my favorite color- thought I don't have many green dishes, I do have some green vintage pottery marked USA on the bottom! Which I just love.
    I like your green dishes are they what's called carnival glass?
    Have a great weekend

    1. Hi Patricia , they are called depression glass

      thanks for coming over I like new remarks from new bloggers

  8. I have a small collection of green depression glass too, just pieces I've picked up at yard sales over the years. Green is one of my favorite colors, but I'd never dream of wearing it....just awful, lol.

  9. I do the same as you when I store a lot of my dishes. Green is not my most favorite color but a bit of depression glass is OK in my book..Happy Thursday..Judy

  10. Love your green depression glass, how wonderful!

    Happy 100th birthday to your friend! (A relative on my mom's side lived to 103 and was still bright and active.)

    Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday!

  11. Glad to hear green is the color of the year. It is my favorite color. Happy 100th birthday to your friend. I wish someone here would have a Tuesday sale. Have a great day. Dianne

  12. I missed green was the "in" color! My favorite with pink, and lucky me green is one of my best colors to wear. love the green depression, I have a entire collection of Cameo. Happy Birthday to your friend! Thanks for stopping by to visit me.

  13. How wonderful to be 100 and so active..Seems as if it is not as rare as it once was? Usually it is the people like your friend that stay active...She will love your card it is adorable!! I love green depression glass


  14. Happy Birthday to your charming friend! Nice touch with the glitter!

  15. Love, love this color! Beautiful glass. I am new to your blog and following now. Enjoy your weekend! Maria

  16. I love depression glass and this green is so pretty! Thanks for popping in to see me and we've sold our house and we're on to our new adventure.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. Hi Janice, Well God Bless your friend turning 100 years old. It is amazing. Gorgeous card you are sending her for her big day!
    Your green depression glass is gorgeous. I have seen a lot of green in the stores too and I do really love it.
    Have a great weekend and thanks again for stopping by. I sent you an email.
    Hugs and Blessings

  18. I love full of green depression glass dishes is so pretty! Thanks for popping in to see me and we've sold our house and we're on to our new adventure.
    Round Dining Table

  19. I didn't know that green was this years color but I love depression glass! I have a small collection. Would be interested in buying your cups if you are thinking of selling them. Congrats to your neighbor. I have a neighbor up the street who lives alone and is 103. What great friends they would be. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  20. That green is gorgeous.
    so glad it is in. I have some green dishes I can pull out.
    I now, just need some company to see my pretty dishes. :)