Friday, May 9, 2014


Good Morning
I went with a neighbor this week over to Vintage Hills Farms which is the prettiest nursery around for 50 miles that I know of . I did a post a couple years ago about walking through it and showing all the pretty flowers to buy. It's along the river north if Boonville Missouri
What I like is the statuary they have  and I love the head vases for outside. I bought one of what I named Dancing Ladies

                          This is Shell Lady she is $160.00       (she is still there )                                    

This sweet gal was $140.00(she is still there ) the little half face setting besides her was $39.95  just lips I liked it and almost bought it a concrete pot but waiting till he gets more dancing lady pots in

I call her napping lady she was $140.00 (she is still there )

Here is my sweetie  I bought a couple years ago I named her Dancing Ladies and then I have a small round one to match that I had bought a couple years earlier when prices were not quit as high.
I think I paid $30, for the small one and $88.00 for the larger long dancing ladies, he ordered me another dancing ladies however price will be double I am expecting from 3 years ago .

This one is out in the back yard 

Then I love my head planters of Mr & Mrs I call them I am so anxious to get them all planted again for this spring . I am working out in my back flower beds every day to get them all dresses up all I need is mulch and will finished tomorrow I hope, Mrs has her pearls on 

Aren't  these sweet? I have 2 sets very similar,one set on my porch and the other out under the curtain tree on my patio .Do you like this kind of a flower pot or am I just attracted to heads?  I do enjoy working in my flower beds, have a good weekend 

If I can get someone to carry my little cupid babies in my kitchen they are going on my bar 

Linky parties I joined in 


  1. Love your Mr and Mrs! They add character to a garden.

  2. I love those Mr and Mrs planters. I have seen similar in magazines but not in any of the nurseries around here.

  3. I LUV statuary. You have some beautiful pieces.

  4. Love your dancing ladies pot. So pretty and wish I could get the shell lady head one and I would call her Miss Mermaid!.
    Hugs, Lynnie

  5. Oh , I loved each and every one of them, can't imagine them full of beautiful flower's. Have a very Happy Mother's Day !!!

  6. Hi Janice,
    You are right when saying Vintage Hill farms is pretty, I've been there and it is definitely gorgeous!
    Your head planters are fun looking, I bet they look neat with plants hanging down like the hair. Your cherubs are my favorite but I like them all.
    Have a great weekend,

  7. I really like the dancing ladies planter. I have a few statue pieces around our farm. I always love seeing new ideas.

  8. The head planters are fun looking~~~but, I really like your dancing ladies planter. Isn't it fun getting all your pots planted for spring and summer?

  9. OMG...I love the head vases....I have never seen any like that and love that the lady has pearls!!! I know your yard is gorgeous!


  10. I don't know which head vase I love the best!!! These are all sooo gorgeous. Love them. Like Carol said...Your yard must be gorgeous!
    Happy Mother's Day,
    Marie antoinette

  11. They certainly have some unusual planters! I would love to have all of them, except I don't think I could afford them.....

  12. Good Morning Janice, Oh my word, what a fabulous place to visit, I think I could lose myself for hours, just wandering around enjoying all that was on offer. I love how you have dressed "Mrs" with a string of pearls.....very fetching.
    The dancing ladies are very different and so lovely. I have a number of cherubs in my garden which I love..... I am just waiting for the warmer weather so that I can get into the garden and start weeding.
    Best Wishes

  13. Adorable cupids and I love your dancing ladies! :)

  14. mmm mmm mmmmmmmmmm!!!! we love garden staturary and heads so much :) pardon us as well go get some tissues to wipe our drool off of the keyboard lol!!!
    Looks like you've been busy to get things around for your sale...if we could we'd be there in a heartbeat! You always post the stuff we are looking for! Have a great weekend!!
    Karla & Karrie

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