Friday, February 28, 2014

Roses & Tea

Good Morning

I am still pricing items to take to an indoor garage sale at our little convention center across from our big mall. Anyway because of the weather I haven't been working as hard and fast as I usually do. Our weather  forecast was predicted freezing rain and snow tonight and Saturday morning and I'm not driving across town and unloaded in freezing rain. Since I am a senior lady now I don't want to fight the ice LOL and take the chance of wrecking my car because it is such an ordeal to get it repaired etc. right? agree with me LOL
I have been pricing all my dishes with roses on them. I collected all these from thrift shops and antique malls because I set a table once at a ladies luncheon and I wanted to use all  dishes with roses on them. 

I have dinner plates I need to get out also. These rose pedals are from my valentine roses some friends sent me . I like to dry rose pedals
In one picture is a set of dresser lamps with Marie Antoinette and her husband? I always thought any thing like these were just beautiful. However I am still down sizing and purging which I have a long ways to go still.

Soon as this sale is over I hope to have a private sale inside my house with friends that always tell me if you get rid of this or that let me know. Well I am going to let them know I am ready to let it go LOL
 I have my favorite tea sets and dishes which is by Stafforshire England Calico blue & white  which I will always keep I have loved them since 1975 when I first seen them in a bridal magazine

I also have a complete set for 8 of Portmeirion Strawberry Fair with lots serving pieces I am going to part with 

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Party Dress

I wanted to play along with beverly today at Pink Saturday so had to look around for something pink. I didn't have to look very long when I spotted this sweet little home made with love Pink Prom dress some mother had made for her little girls doll. I bought 2 of these at a sale once because they were just so pretty. They are made of of a soft soft pink cotton and covered in a netting like bridal netting. Then they have tiny little beads around the neck and the little satin bow in front.


I have enjoyed just looking at these and never did put them on a doll.

Hanging from the kitchen chandelier 

So this is my pink Saturday show and tell . There is an estate sale here in town today however I am going to resist and try real hard to straighten up my office and kitchen. My table is loaded down with small items I have been taking pictures of for my etsy shop. I can't even sit down for a meal on it.
Have a good weekend. The sun is out here and almost all the snow melted so it will be a good day.
Happy Saturday 

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Lacey Day

Good Morning this nice day of more freezing rain here in central Missouri. It is suppose to clear up around noon so I am staying in till this afternoon.

Today I ate a piece of baked fish for breakfast, I know that sounds odd to some however I have not been able to eat without hurting since February 5th. My stay in the hospital was diagnosed liver damage due to taking a cholesterol medication simvastatin ,also to much over the counter drugs like aleve, advil, and ibuprofen and tylenol which I was taking for my back pain for bulging disk. So I am off all meds and hoping my liver will heal itself which the doctor & nurses said it will over time. It was so good to chew instead of drinking just broth.

I am playing with my antique lace this morning. I got out a baby christening gown to iron for a lady and decided to show some of my vintage lace which I drool over. I have just pieces I bought out in Oregon once at an antique show. This was saved from an old piece of victorian clothing I am sure from the turn of the century.Maybe Downton Abbey Days


These two was an odd dress cuffs just to pretty to throw away. I loved how back in the day when nothing was thrown away.                                                                                    

sorry this is blurry I put it over a silver napkin and tried again shows it much better now.This is a round piece with a hole in the middle like it was cut off the neck of a childs dress.

The work on this is raised off the lace and is just beautiful. I have used a few old pieces on some of my home made cards which I am sorry I didn't get any pretty Valentines cards made in time for this year. 

Stay warm as they say spring is just around the next snow storm 

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine Kiss

Bet you thought I was giving you a Valentine Kiss ? LOL This is my favorite picture of a couple I have. I love her dress so Marie Antoinette


I have this picture hanging in my bathroom. A friend gave it to me back in the 1980's after I begged her for it LOL. I took it and had it framed it has a date 1897 I am thinking.

How romantic the young man hanging over the fence for  kiss. He has pretty hair doesn't he?


I had it framed in a plain black frame instead of a gold ornate since the print was black and white
One of my past Valentine's post 2011
2012 Valentine's post 

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine Week

Hi all

OMGosh I need to get out today and get my Valentine cards and get them mailed. I have been under the weather a little spent 4 days in hospital. Hopefully we have things on the right path etc.
I will say more when I get all confirmations back from all doctors etc

I know we are all sick of this snow and below zero temperatures. Of course my good neighbors have used their snow blowers to keep my drive clean for me and the mail carrier also.

I have a cousin going in March to look for them a snow bird house in southwest Florida ,they said next winter they will be on the coast in Florida. I ask can I come and visit? LOL  Oh How I would love to do that, have a winter house, well I guess I have a winter house here in central Missouri LOL.
I wonder if you Flordia people miss having snow ball fights?

Keep warm hope your all well.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sweet Heart

I am home watching the latest snow storm blizzard pass. The University where I work closed the campus today  no classes and employees didn't have to report to work and they closed one day last year when we had a big storm.
I am enjoying being home since it was my day off anyway LOL. I put out a lot of bird seed and my cat is happy laying on the sofa watching me walk around the house. LOL
I have done some laundry and priced some items for an indoor garage sale at the Expo Center across from our local mall in a convention center March 1st.I have really been clearing out small items as I find them tucked away in drawers and boxes. I am ready to move onto a new design in my house out with the shabby chic and into I don't know what yet LOL First I'm taking a couple of trips before I start changing furniture

Is it snowing where you are?

         I have it full of little bitty family  pictures you get when you have photos taken at a studio. The top I think is really pretty with the little roses on it.



I use to crave these little hinged boxes and was always buying them. 
Well enjoy the day as I am as long as I have electricity and food I am happy being home 

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