Friday, February 28, 2014

Roses & Tea

Good Morning

I am still pricing items to take to an indoor garage sale at our little convention center across from our big mall. Anyway because of the weather I haven't been working as hard and fast as I usually do. Our weather  forecast was predicted freezing rain and snow tonight and Saturday morning and I'm not driving across town and unloaded in freezing rain. Since I am a senior lady now I don't want to fight the ice LOL and take the chance of wrecking my car because it is such an ordeal to get it repaired etc. right? agree with me LOL
I have been pricing all my dishes with roses on them. I collected all these from thrift shops and antique malls because I set a table once at a ladies luncheon and I wanted to use all  dishes with roses on them. 

I have dinner plates I need to get out also. These rose pedals are from my valentine roses some friends sent me . I like to dry rose pedals
In one picture is a set of dresser lamps with Marie Antoinette and her husband? I always thought any thing like these were just beautiful. However I am still down sizing and purging which I have a long ways to go still.

Soon as this sale is over I hope to have a private sale inside my house with friends that always tell me if you get rid of this or that let me know. Well I am going to let them know I am ready to let it go LOL
 I have my favorite tea sets and dishes which is by Stafforshire England Calico blue & white  which I will always keep I have loved them since 1975 when I first seen them in a bridal magazine

I also have a complete set for 8 of Portmeirion Strawberry Fair with lots serving pieces I am going to part with 

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  1. Love all the pretty dishes and those lamps. I with you on this snow and ice. After struggling to get to work in every kind of weather for over 30 years....I would consider myself a fool to get out in it when I really don't have too.:):) So yes, use your head when roads are bad. Your health is number one priority. But good luck with your sales. I am praying we don't get the nasty weather. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Love all of these pretty dishes and tea cups. I agree with you 100%. Don't go out in bad weather unless you have to.

  3. I love the china and I think I will buy some flowers just so I can have the pretty petals when they are done. I am so longing for Spring..........lovely post

  4. "Hi" back at you! :-) Your roses are pretty. I know all about letting things go; I'm doing the same. I've already done the first round of "inviting the friends and family", but I'm sure there's another one in my future! I hope your sale goes well.

  5. You have some really beautiful pieces!

  6. Smart lady. I agree nothing is worth the risk of getting hurt.

  7. Everything is delightfully cozy and peaceful. I love pretty things. I'm glad I stopped by. Take care.

  8. Love all those rose dishes and totally agree about staying off the icy roads!

  9. definitely stay safe in icy weather!
    a damaged car and your own shakeup wouldn't be worth a few missed sales ;)
    Have a blessed rest and refreshing weekend - HPS!

  10. It is smart to stay at home when there are icy roads. I'm always nervous when there is ice around. Love your pretty teapot! I was admiring your red transferware on your sidebar too. I adore red transferware!! What fun your friends are going to have with your down-sizing! Thank you for sharing and joining me for tea.


  11. The tea pot is too pretty. Be careful in this cold weather. xo, olive

  12. Beautiful treasures! I don't mind the rain, but I wouldn't want to be out with all the ice either.

  13. How gorgeous!!! You won't have any trouble selling and of these precious items.
    I do love the figurines though.How tall are they?
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  14. I agree with you, you should not be driving across town and unloading dishes when it is cold & icy outside. And I hope those friends will follow through and buy EVERYTHING as soon as you inform them it is ready to go.

    I have been collecting teacups for awhile and decided I will begin to make a tea chest for all 8 ( going on 9 ) grandchildren that will be comprised of 1 teapot of their choice, at least 6 teacups of their choice, a table-cloth and cloth napkins. Maybe a sugar & creamer too. I will have them all packed into a vintage ( read thrift store ) suitcase or chest. With my left-over teacups I am going to throw a fabulous tea party and ask the guests to take their tea-cups home. Voila ! Tea items shared with joy and friends I love , and given away as tokens of love.

    I hope all goes well, and fast !

  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really enjoyed my visit to your etsy shop....great stuff. Almost bought the belt buckle but I need a gold one.

  16. So pretty! I've always loved rose patterned dishes. We've had enough winter this year! So ready for spring. Take care, and it's nice to make new friends here in blogland.

  17. Good Evening Janice, I have to say, I do agree with you, you must be careful when out and about, because your weather seems dreadful at the moment..... far too much snow and ice.
    I adore your dainty cup and saucer with the little blue flowers and the pink roses.... it is such a lovely shape.
    I will keep my fingers crossed that Spring will reach you very soon.
    Best Wishes

  18. This has got to be hard. Those lovely roses! I bet the party with all of them was beautiful. Good luck with the sale and the downsizing.



  19. Such pretty patterns. I think we can all relate to the need to downsize, I know I should! Laura

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  21. I love tea cups, tea pots and pretty dishes too although I don't have a lot. I have been trying to declutter and simplify but I am drawn to buying these things. It is a good thing that I don't go to antique or thrift shops often!! I go back and forth between wanting to declutter and wanting to buy! LOL Nancy