Saturday, December 7, 2013

Vintage Christmas

I got a few items out to display for decorations anyway. I went to get some Christmas items to use in  the kitchen I had in my storage room however after digging around I noticed a few things I had forgotten about so decided to use them in a little vignette .
I love these old Christmas tins. I think I got them both at the same estate sale. One is a Henry Clive tin.This is the lid i'm showing you.

Henry Clive
Once when I was in Portland Oregon I went to an antique show there and a lady had this same tin on display and she is the one told me who Henry Clive was etc & that the tins were from the 1920's. I got it at an estate sale of a younger gal here in town who owned Gail's Chinatown. I am sure that is why she had this tin with the little china doll on the tin


Then I have this old tin I got an same estate sale and I loved her face it reminded me of Charles Dana Gibson girls . I didn't realize for sometime that her white fluffy fur around her neck was a dog . This is the lid of the tin I bet a fruit cake came in it years ago.

Gorgeous I think

See Her fur collar with the Dog in it? 

Anyway I am getting a few things out  

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  1. Great vintage Christmas trays! I love all things 'vintage!'

  2. Those tins are amazing...I've never seen any like them before! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love those old Trays. What wonderful old pieces of art they are. I used to have a Coca Cola Christmas one but gave it away years ago. wish I had it back- xo Diana

  4. Wow, love your tins! Such detail, I have a collection of vintage ones but nothing like that! Love your little tree to!

  5. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I did, finally, get my tree up in the living room yesterday and will "putter" at adding a few more things now.

  6. We've never seen that first tin pretty...and we didn't even notice the dog ~ lol!! We had an old santa tin and a fun stripped one that we sold this week in the store...of course after they left we were like "awwww....maybe we should have taken that one home" ~ lol!! Oh well....we'll just have to search all over ha!

  7. These are so pretty! I've never seen them before. I love that sort of thing. I think the fur is not a dog but a fox like a fox stole.

    1. I think your wright a white fox stole wrapped around her.
      These are very unusual I love them

  8. Oh goodness those tins are adorable. The faces are so sweet!


  9. What gorgeous Christmas pretties!
    I am loving the holidays and enjoying every bit. This year I am really taking it in and being thankful...
    xo Marissa

  10. I love your tins and it's so nice to see what others do for decorating ideas. Happy Christmas! xx

  11. Always enjoy the Vintage items. These and the little vignette are so pretty.