Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Coming

I am working on getting Christmas decorations out piece by piece. Seems like working 2 jobs and keeping my etsy store up and the house and trying to keep connected to friends and family I am a little busy. Also I bet age has something to do with it LOL
We didn't get the snow that St Louis and southern Missouri got today. I like snow just not the freezing rain under it. Oh and it's cold like 6 degrees
This is a little house I put on my tree a couple years ago which I may use it again on my white tree. I bought several of the little repo cardboard houses and used them all around the house, I even have a couple gorgeous pink houses with the bottle brush trees attached. This fringe I even draped around my tree for garland .

    Then I love my music paper stars I got them at a store that sold Wendy Addison paper pieces, however these don't have her name on them

  I am working on getting my white tree decorated tomorrow. I'll get it all together eventually

Linky parties I like to join in

The Dedicated House/ Blue Friday 


  1. I bet your tree will look amazing.

  2. The little house is adorable. I'm just now getting my Christmas touches out. Hoping to finish this weekend.

  3. Hi Janice,
    You knew I would love those little houses! How cute! Can't wait to see your white tree!
    Have fun decorating it!

  4. Love the paper house and beautiful star. Both are beautiful! Off to visit your Etsy store...have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Obviously you are busy! You go, Girl! Next time you're in the Portland area, we must rendezvous!


  6. I know just what you mean. I haven't even gotten anything down from the attic yet and a full weekend ahead. Bravo to you for getting started!