Saturday, July 27, 2013

Where I Enjoy Life

Hi Guys
I decided to stay home this Pink Saturday and just play after I pick up a little.
I was out back taking pictures of some La Papeterie  paper products to list in my etsy shop and looking at an older Where Women Create, May/June 2009 wow can't believe it has been that long , the issue where Amy Hanna was in it and after looking at her studio I thought Oh I want to make an altered art necklace with some of my  good stuff. You know the best rhinestone pins and earrings I have collected and use a pearl collar etc
Then after going to list some paper items I realized they have to be vintage so can't list any of them, I have lots of these things I have bought to use in card making

First I want to show these cute Pink Flamingo tags I have and have decided to let go of,if any of you still make your greeting cards like I do.I have drawers of great creative paper items and will never use them so passing them into my etsy shop for someone else to use and enjoy.They are 4 x 2 1/4 ( just realized I can't sell these on etsy because they are too new ) oh well if interested I can sell them to you just not through etsy.


I have been thinking about moving to a smaller home and just can't stand the thought of getting rid of my studio treasures, I think I'll eliminate 2 bedrooms and keep all my studio , tell me you agree 

What a single senior lady to do without a date except play in the studio LOL.You know when you're 50 you are a senior according to lots of advertising ? LOL


This is 
hanging over the table where I play with my jewels and make cards . When I find a pretty dangly thing I hang it on this chandelier 

My  Blue wine bottles in my window, which I love because I don't need curtains then 
I have a double window full 

My wire Christmas tree is up year around with vintage cookie cutters on it and vintage Santas ,It's setting up on my TV in the studio

Wire Lady undressed looking at my create table 

Thanks for looking around with me 

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  1. What adorable cards...and a sweet place to create...
    happy Pinks

  2. I agree, eliminate a bedroom and KEEP your studio treasures!! By all means!! Love the blue bottles in the window.
    BTW, you CAN sell new things on Etsy if they can be classified as "supplies" or tools for making things. You see stuff like scrapbook supplies, sewing notions, yarn and the like all the time. It is perfectly okay so go for it.

  3. I love your creative place! HPS to you and please stop by for visit! Have a wonderful week as you are one amazing talented gal!

  4. I've been reading your blog with great interest. We obviously have some things in common, i.e. your love of blue toile. I have scored a whole roll of the wallpaper you're looking for, and several pieces of the fabric, now enough to make a bed covering and cushions! I love the wallpaper so much I'm hesitating to cut into it - you ever feel that way? So far I've used some to cover pillar candles but plan to do the wall at the head of my bed.
    Also, a friend and I are heading for Savannah in September, driving from here in Toronto, Canada. Can't wait!
    Thanks for all the eye candy.

    1. Hi There

      you will really enjoy Savannah , There is lots of tours to take and I love the historic district that is where I stay and shop & eat

      of course I take the Paula Deen tour and now there is a tour to Back In The Day Bakery on Bull st ,delicious bakery goods
      also if interested where a famous movie was filmed ,tour the Jim Williams mansion/house built by Johnny Mercer

      have fun and tell me about your trip

  5. Thanks for always inspiring me.

  6. Your room is wonderful. If you can afford to keep your larger home, do so, you would truly miss having this creative space.
    Your blog is delightful and I am your newest follower. I would love to invite you over to visit and maybe you will like my site enough to follow me back . . . no pressure :)
    Have a lovely day.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  7. P.S. I love the name you choose for your blog.
    Very creative :)

  8. i'd get rid of a bedroom:) your creative space is too awesome,full of great eye candy!

  9. Janice thank you for visiting. I missed this post and love seeing your beloved treasures. I am glad to see you listed your non-vintage items in works for these I believe. Those blue bottles are my heartthrob color. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...